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    Best basic phone with QWERTY keyboard


      Hey guys,


      In your opinion, what is the best basic phone out there?


      A little over a year ago, my wife and I decided to buy 2 LG Extraverts. Our main likes were that they offered a QWERTY keyboard, didn't need a data plan, and they had a touch screen. These were our first touch screen phones and they will be our last! For a while they were working great and we were completely satisfied. For the last few weeks though the touch screens have been malfunctioning to the point where now my wife's phone is completely frozen up. I tried to reset the phone but nothing works so now her phone is totally useless and the phone is out of warranty.


      So now we are in the market for new phones. Basically we want something that has a QWERTY keyboard, that doesn't require a data plan, a decent camera that takes videos, and NO touch screen! Personally I also want a phone with a good size screen because I am legally bind.


      We've looked at a few phones that we like but they are hard to find because they are discontinued and it seems like every phone has some kind of a manufacturing flaw.


      So I would really like your opinions on what phones are the most reliable that also offer the features I've talked about.