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    Assumption of Liability


      I am currently on a family plan where my mother is the primary account holder. She is thinking about leaving Verizon and going to a pre-paid carrier. We are thinking about doing an "Assumption of Liability" and switching the account to my name since my line is still in contract. My question is quite complicated and I hope someone from Verizon could help. We have a very old plan that we are grandfathered into (Nationwide Connect Share 700) and my line also is grandfathered into Unlimited Data. I feel like I am getting the run around here because a customer service rep told me that I could keep the same plan and Unlimited Data when doing the assumption of liability but a sales rep in the store told me that I would have to switch over to the Share Everything. If this is true, I will just cancel my line and pay the ETF because I do not want the Share Everything. Could anyone please clarify? Can I keep the Nationwide Connect Share 700 with Unlimited Data?

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          By doing a simple AOL, there *should* be no issue with the plan remaining the same for the remaining lines on the plan.  It may get tricky if you only have the two lines though - because now you are switching from family plan to an individual plan, and the "Connect" plan is no longer available.  What phone model do you have with the unlimited data?

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            I have a Motorola Droid X2. We currently have 3 lines, I plan on keeping 2 lines so that I get an upgrade every year instead of two and it only costs an extra $10/mo. I will just keep an old basic phone on the second line so that I don't have to pay for data for that line. I will use the second line as my upgrade line, transferring the upgrade from the primary line to that line so that I do not lose Unlimited Data by upgrading. I am sure that we will all be forced into switching to tiered data at some point but my brother gets way too close to 2gb every month using his 4G Razr HD and he is on wifi most of the time. I would probably go over.

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              I am sick and tired of the anti-consumer business practices of late. First, Verizon gets rid of Unlimited Data, then they change their mind about people being grandfathered into Unlimited, then they start charging upgrade fees. More recently, Microsoft decides to start requiring internet access to use their next game console and they block people from buying or selling used games. These companies have too much power.

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                Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                Hi diamonddisc89. I'm excited to see you're looking into moving a few lines into your name. We don't want to see any of your lines go anywhere but Verizon for great service. Why is your mother thinking of switching to prepaid from such a fantastic plan? During the Assumption of Liability process http://bit.ly/JG6iOD, it may be required to switch to current pricing. Our fantastic Assumption of Liability teat at 888-832-4540 will do their best to keep your plan and data feature the same when you are transferring accounts as long as you are not completing an upgrade to a new phone at the same time.

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