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    samsung galaxy s4


      am i crazy, or do the features that are advertised on the new samsung galaxy s4 not included with verizon. 


      I noticed that my palm gestures never actually work.  Is that a phone defect or is anyone else having the same issue? I am unable to capture a screen shot using palm gesture and when I go into settings for sensor and icon, it says when the air gestures are available, the icon will show up in the notification bar, however, i am not seeing anything show up.  Furthermore, it would seem verizon is missing the blocking feature which should be in the setting menu under calls.  Has anyone spoken to verizon about this yet? I just received my phone a few hours ago so I haven't had the chance to call yet.  Thank you in advance.

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          The gestures should be there but I don't know where to enable them in the settings (I don't have an s4) but Verizon did remove the block feature on the s3 and note ii so it's probably not on the s4 either.

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            The S4 has all the features turned off by default. You need to enable them in the settings.

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              You are not the only one with that issue.   I made sure all these features were activated,  and nothing works as far as gestures is concerned.  The blocking feature is unavailable but I am no worried about that; however,  I bought this phone mainly because of the touchless features.  I am still way within the 14 day return window. If neither the manufacture nor verizon fix the flaw before the return window the phone is going back. 


                  I can get the s3 for much cheaper; the s3 and s4 are pretty much the same thing with the exception of the gestures feature.

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                took me a while to learn the screen shot til i watched a youtube video the side of your hand gotta be touching the screen when you slide it past sensor

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                  after turning everything on, it works fine for me. I suggest watching a youtube video or the demos on the phone

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                    I'm also frustrated with this feature. Had my S4 phone for just four days, enabled everything, nothing happened, no air gesture icon, then this morning the icon decided to show itself, then a few hours later it disappeared again, and at no time have the gestures worked. Also thought, according the help, the gestures were supposed to work up to 3" away, though they need to be near the top of the screen where the sensor is...? What am I missing, or this just dysfunctional?

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                      I've read very mixed reviews about the air gestures - apparently not great consistency. The blocking feature is indeed missing from Verizon's version of the S4 along with another very nice feature, the optical reader (very cool OCR app). See this link (http://www.droid-life.com/2013/05/23/galaxy-s4-software-differences-verizon-vs-att/) for a comparison of software between Verizon and ATT versions. Apparently Verizon wins for the most bloatware though. What's up Verizon?

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                        I read a similar review at Android Central.  Bloatware is the big,big,big thing with VZW.  They couldn't take up the whole 16gb so they had to make room for it someway.

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                          also a little annoyed that they removed the "find my phone" feature thru samsung and offer their own version @ $1.99 extra a month.  It's very annoying to remove a feature that's offered for free and then charge for it.

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