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    Iphone 4s Wifi  greyed out.


      Iphone 4S, running iOS 6.1.3


      Wifi toggle is greyed out. Tried rebooting and resetting the network settings in Reset Options but nothing works. I googled this problem and it seems many Iphone 4s owners are having this issue. There is also a discussion in the Apple forums regarding this issue. I would like to know from Verizon what my options are. From reading the Apple forums it seems its a issue with the product itself and not the user. You can google it or go on the apple forums and look for yourself. This is a issue which is no fault of the user.

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          Did you try this fix?  http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=o_ws5srnVVM&feature=youtu.be&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Do_ws5srnVVM%26feature%3Dyoutu.be  The author states to let the iphone 4s fully discharge and then plug into charger to full charge, then under settings the wifi should be back on.  I personally cannot vouch for the fix but hey what can you lose by trying?  Good Luck

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            Elector I tried the link that you provided from apple and also the stuff from Youtube. I just got this phone like 35 days ago because my last phone was having problems with the power button. This phone they provided me is refurbished. I noticed something was odd that I had to manually add my phone to my home network several times since I have received . Then starting two days ago it would not even find any wifi networks. I have three networks in my house. I rebooted the phone to see if that solved the problem and when I looked the wifi was greyed out. I reset the network settings, reset the phone and all the stuff in Apple forums as well as Youtube.


            I believe this is an issue with the 6.1.3 update and this is a widespread issue as many people are in the same boat as I am. I want to know what my options are as I dont think there is a fix for this issue yet. I am eating up my data plan because wifi doesn't work at no fault of my own. Sorry about the rant but I am hoping to get a reply from Verizon. Paying for another refurbished iphone withing 35 days of getting this one is not something I am willing to do.

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              The store (Verizon) could try yet another refurbished iphone to you but its a chance if that problem is corrected and you may end up with something worse.


              If you are paying you more than likely using your Asurion Insurance since the only time you pay is your deductible. Or the dreaded verizon line of you had water damage, or the box was empty, or never received back which is a whole other set of issues.


              I read some of those forum posts last night and it seems you can call applecare for free on that new os issue and Apple was saying a patch would be given if they keep hearing of the wifi or bluetooth issues.


              When I use a network I just use my primary wpa security network. I turn off guest networks and my iphone connects while I am getting out of my car. I see other networks on my phone but they don't interfere with my home network connections.


              If you have all these other additional networks in your home you may have a conflict which causes that connection problem.


              I tried to reply last night but for some reason I could not reply to you. Sorry for the delay.

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                Elector thank your for your reply. I had already thought of what you said and tried different networks and even different locations to see if my wifi would start. But like I said, it wasn't searching for a network simply because the wifi modem was turned off and the toggle was greyed out. I went to the Verizon store near me and they said they will mail me a new phone. I spoke with the IT guy and I think this is a prevalent problem with Iphone 4s problems. As soon as I told him my symptoms of it being only 3G and the wifi toggle was greyed out, he simply asked me where I wanted it mailed. He just said Iphone 4S have been having this issues. He was very nice and polite. So thank you Elector for trying to address my problem and thank you Verizon for having good customer service. Hope the next phone works out better

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                  This has been an ongoing issue with the iPhone... I contacted Apple and they have been aware of the issue for quite some time, but they have no fix for it!

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                    There is scuttlebutt on the Apple Support Forums about an os update, or a replacement policy being thought of.

                    I read that Apple Care is giving free support for that last OS update that may be causing the problem.

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                      I am having this same issue.  My IPad connects fine but like epi231 said - wifi is greyed out (and so is bluetooth on mine)  I have had the phone for 6 months and for about a week this has been an issue.  I am going to stop at a store as you did.  I would really just like it fixed as I have a few apps that I depend on with info in them.    Thanks for your information, wish me luck!

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                        This is an issue related to your wifi chip overheating. There are a number of reasons why your wifi chip can overheat and the biggest one of them all is your iOS version. Apple has not done thorough testing between their iOS latest version optimizations and the WiFi chips of some devices. There is more information which can be found here:





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