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    Nokia Lumia 928 Texting Problem


      Just upgraded to the Lumia 928 (white) yesterday. A few hours after getting home with the device I realized I was not receiving text messages. I began to troubleshoot to the best of my knowledge. I can send/receive calls, send/receive picture messages, and send texts. The only thing I can't do is receive texts. I have had two friends both attempt to send me texts multiple times with no luck. I plan to go back to verizon today for their assistance, but was maybe hoping someone else in the forums was having the same issues. Any ideas?



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          I'm having the same issue.  I believe it's a defective SIM card. (from reading some posts elsewhere) I plan on heading to Verizon at lunch today.

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            Hi there Lloyd,
            I had the same problem with my new 928. Doing a complete shutdown and restart fixed the issue for me. I held the middle button on the phone until the shut-down dialog opened, used that to power down and restarted about a minute later. I've had no issues with text since doing that.
            Hope this helps you (and that you are having as much fun as I am with the totally awesome phone).




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              Same as Andy here - a complete shutdown/reboot was required after setting up the phone.

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                Ditto to irishandy.  Just had one like that in our company.  Mine worked fine from the get go but I also let the battery run all the way out before recharging on the first day. 


                Unlock the screen...hold the middle button (wake up button) in until you get the message to "Slide down to shutdown"...slide down (turning the power completely off)...then hold the middle button in again to turn the phone back on.

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                  Hello.  I was having the same problem at first, then I did as you suggested and all was well, until this morning.  I was sent a text but did not recieve it.  I turned it off again and was able to recieve texts again.  Now I am concerned that I will have to consistently turn the phone off and back on to ensure that I get texts.  Do you have any other advice or suggesstions for me?

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                    Rebooting several times did not sort out my issue, msg's still went to iphone. Quick visit to Verizon Wireless turned out that I had to change my Apple account's password on PC, then on iphone had to disable iMessage - Settings -> Messages -> iMessage turned off

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                      I had the same issue with my Nokia Lumia 928. I could send text messages, but was not receiving any. I found that if I shut off my "Wi-Fi" mode and restart my phone, that seemed to help. I now receive text messages just fine.