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    Opt out of neighbors network extender


      I live in a crowded apartment building and someone in the building has a network extender. The problem is the network extender is just within reach because sometimes I'll be connected to it and sometimes I won't. What's really irritating is if I start a call using the network extender the call will drop when it goes back to Verizon Wireless coverage. The data network switch over from  the network extender to the Verizon network is also a little clunky and can sometimes take several minutes before I get data connection back. The signal bars will be gray for 2-3 minutes, sometimes up to 5, before changing to blue. During that period I get no data, can't surf the web, etc...


      Is there anyway to prevent my phone from using network extenders? I've read stories that some people have created artificial dead zones by blocking certain ports on their router preventing the network extender from connecting to the internet. I'd just like to avoid the whole thing and be on the wireless network and not a network extender while I'm at home.

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          That network extender has a range limit for a connection.

          http://support.verizonwireless.com/faqs/Equipment/network_extender.html  This link may assist you.  Good Luck

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            Well, I kinda call ** on some of the stuff in there. Like the part that says "Your call will continue uninterrupted when you move outside of the Network Extender coverage area (provided sufficient signal strength from your nearest compatible tower exists at your location)." I have good 4G coverage where I am when not connected to the extender but I still drop calls. And that 15 foot limit has got to be wrong. Maybe I pass the apartment with the network extender when I'm on the way to my apartment.


            At any rate, there has got to be a way to Opt out of network extenders. I have an Android but can't find any setting for it. I think these little femto cells are really dangerous and there should be a way to actively select which network you'd rather use. I guess I'll have to move to get away from it.

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              Don't move. there are two settings on your neighbors extender. An OPEN and a PRIVATE mode. That was why I gave the link to you. The neighbor has to be close by. I would write a note in the hallway asking the party that has the extender to contact you. This can be in person or on the phone. Depending on if you trust your neighbors.


              Have them set the extender off the OPEN setting and just on PRIVATE so that you will not be troubled by it again.


              Save that link I gave you, in case the owner of the extender needs instructions to adjust settings.

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                I have a similar problem, but it's worse. When I'm connected to my neighbors network extender I can't make or receive calls at all. I've also tried leaving notes and talking to neighbors, but whoever they are they don't seem to know they have one. I can't find the person with the network extender and I've been reporting the issue to Verizon for weeks and they say they can't do anything about it. It's their network extender why can't they change it, contact the customer who owns it, or disable it so the owner will call customer support. They also say they won't let me out of my contract. I can't use my phone at home at all, why should I pay for a service I can't use. They also won't give me a free network extender. This is a problem with their network and devices, why should I have to pay to fix their problem. Does anyone know how I can prevent my iPhone from connecting to network extenders?  >>comment removed<<







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