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    have u ever had to pay a bill late


      im gone be a few days late on my bill what will they do can i just pay most of it an pay the rest a few days later

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          Depending on the timing of your payments, they may charge a late fee and if too late, will disconnect your service.  You really should pay your bills on time or get a service you can afford.

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            You're given a 4-day grace period, on the 5th day it's considered late and the late fee is tacked on, normally around $5.  Your services could technically get cut off right after you being 5 days late, but that normally doesn't happen until 30-60 days late.  If you do get interruption in your service you also get $15 reconnect fees per line.

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              I was charged a $5. fee because i forgot to make my payment before going on vacation, and made it exactly 5 days after the due date. it was still prior to the closing of the months activity.

              I feel like I was ripped off. Time to check out Sprint or some other service, that may actually provide service.

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                You do realize ALL carriers have late fees if you do not pay the bill by the due date? Not just cellular providers, either. Credit accounts, my tax bill has a different amount due if not paid by a certain date. Good luck with you next provider. Let us know what their late fee is on paying bills.


                This is not a new charge, but has ALWAYS been there.


                If there were no penalty for paying after the due date, why would there even be a due date???

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                  Well LATE to me means something more than 21 days.

                  Verizon needs ME a lot more than I need them.

                  There are a lot of other companies out there and for what I pay the big V I could probably get 2 phone plans from other carriers.

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                    Well LATE to most companies, Verizon included, would be after the due date. The same will most likely be true with any one of those "lot of other companies". Good luck.

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                      Thank you, I would expect no less. Verizon has given exceptionally poor customer service over the years, pardon ONE employee who did outstanding.

                      If it wasn’t for their network of towers and relatively good reception for calls I would have not stayed with them, but now there are many fine options out there with companies who offer great plans, great calling and reception, better fees and charges, and truly outstanding service.

                      I don’t know if there are trending reports for how many customers have left Verizon as compared to come to them from another company. I would be interested in learning if it is more leaving than coming.


                      A payment a month is not late by the way. Only thieves like government, loan sharks, and cell phone carriers partake in that type of stealing.

                      And it is stealing my fair weather friend.

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                        I guess we now consider living to the terms of a contract "stealing" in this society???


                        Good luck with your new provider. I'm sure you will be accusing them of "stealing" if you pay after the due date, too.


                        You should check that there are none of those "stealing" clauses in the contract of your new provider such as the one listed below in your Verizon customer agreement.


                        "About My Payments

                        If you're a Postpay customer and we don't get your payment on time, we will charge you a late fee of up to 1.5 percent per month (18 percent per year) on the unpaid balance, or a flat $5 per month, whichever is greater, if allowed by law in the state of your billing address. (If you choose another company to bill you for our Service [such as another Verizon company], late fees are set by that company or by its tariffs and may be higher than our late fees.) Late fees are part of the rates and charges you agree to pay us. If you fail to pay on time and Verizon Wireless refers your account(s) to a third party for collection, a collection fee will be assessed and will be due at the time of the referral to the third party. The fee will be calculated at the maximum percentage permitted by applicable law, not to exceed 18 percent. We may require a deposit at the time of activation or afterward, or an increased deposit. We'll pay simple interest on any deposit at the rate the law requires. We may apply deposits or payments in any order to any amounts you owe us on any account. If your final credit balance is less than $1, we will refund it only if you ask. You may have to pay a $35 fee to re–activate Service if your Service is terminated , or a $15 fee to reconnect Service if it is interrupted for non–payment or suspended for any reason.

                        If you're a Prepaid customer, you may replenish your balance at any time before the expiration date by providing us with another payment. Your balance may not exceed $1,000 and you may be prevented from replenishing if your balance reaches $1,000. We will suspend service when your account reaches the expiration date and any unused balance will be forfeited.

                        We may charge you up to $25 for any returned check."

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                          Living up to the term of a contract seems to be in who is in charge of editing that contract. I am sure the one I actually signed is quite different from the one now on line. Oh and making a call is an acceptance of the contract.  The contract was void when Verizon supplied me with a defective piece of equipment 6 years ago anyway.


                          You can add an addendum to mine which states, “Under no circumstances can a smart mouth Verizon employee talk junk to me”


                          Putting it in writing does not make it right either. Stealing is stealing. If your town raised your property taxes to $1 on each dollar of value it would be legal wouldn’t it?

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