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    Droid RAZR not turning on


      I have had a droid razr for around a year now and a week ago i turned off my phone an for some reason it took me 30 minutes to turn it back on. Today around 1pm my phone crashed and the screen turned white and wouldn't respond. I powered it off fine by holding the power and turning it off but when i tried to turn it back on it didn't. i tried to do a battery pull which worked last time (after a few tries) but nothing. i got home and plugged it into the wall charger and waited an hour then when i went to turn it on it wouldn't turn on. a battery pull does nothing and i have had it charging almost the entire time. I haven't dropped it or anything recently so i don't know what could be causing this problem. Nothing is even coming on and when i plug it into my computer all i hear is the sound of something getting plugged in and then after 2 seconds it getting plugged out, then in and it repeats over and over.

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          Your subject line says that you have a Droid Razr and you've posted in the Droid Razr space.  But you said that you "tried to do a battery pull which worked last time" ... the Droid Razr has a nonremovable battery.  Which phone do you have?  Depending on the phone, you might try holding the power and volume down buttons simultaneously for 15-30 seconds and see if that re-boots the phone.

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            Holding the power and volume down is how you do a battery pull on the RAZR, i tried to do it but it didn't work and i have triedd it again just now but again it didn't work.

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              Semantics, I suppose.  It's an 'equivalent' to a battery pull.  When you said 'battery pull', I envisioned you literally trying to remove the back of your phone and prying out your battery! 


              Have you tried a different charger?

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                I have a 4 foot charger that i tried in my computer, laptop, and wall, and i have a 1 foot charger which i did the same with. nothing is working but now after i plugged it into my laptop and i got a solid white light so i think it's going to be okay.

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                  The white light disappeared and i have no idea what to do know.

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                    tikibar1 you are an absolute lifesaver!!! For absolutely no reason my razr just wouldn't turn on.  I already had an extremely bad day and I was handling my phone not working just fine until I realized that my backup assistant was only backing up my contacts & not my pictures & videos, then I was completely devestated.  My phone is my only camera so everything with my two little ones is on my phone!!!  I truely had thought that I lost everything! I found your post in a last ditch effort and holding the down volume & power button for 30 seconds worked!!!!  I wanted to make sure I took a few moments to tell you what a huge difference your post has made to me!!!!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! Today you are my silver lining!

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                      You are welcome; glad it worked for you.


                      As a side note ... Backup Assistant and Android don't always play nice together.  You may want to look at alternatives for your backups, such as Google, Dropbox, etc.