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    Data Usage Issues with Verizon 4G LTE Jetpack


      Verizon's issues with excessive data usage on their Home Fusion system are well documented with literally hundreds of posts about phantom data usage.  I was curious to see if I had similar issues with my 4G LTE Jetpack.  I printed out my usage files, and - guess what! Over 40% of my data is used between 12:15 AM and 6:15 AM sleep time for people and computers in this household.  I have no data overages so far , but who knows when I will run over.


      I went to the local Verizon store and they were clueless.  The two answers were:


           A.  The time is wrong - I must have changed the time on the device somehow and it's just showing the wrong time


           B.  Someone is hacking intro your device, but we can't tell you that because of privacy laws.


      The proposed solution - just turn it off except when you're using it. 


      Verizon has data usage issues with the 4G LTE Jetpack just like they do Home Fusion.  Now - how do I get to someone who has a clue and gives a hoot?

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          Grandshooter  If you find the answer, please let me know.

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            Seems to me if Verizon (through their front-line CSRs) are admitting to holding information on who is accessing your JetPack then you should be able to get an attorney to subpoena Verizon for this information, but then I'm no lawyer.

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              John Getzke

              Data Usage is the responsibility of the device owner.  Verizon will make an effort to inform you when you hit certain levels of usage but in terms of looking through your traffic you are on your own.  All that Verizon can do is provide a Data Log with timestamps and the various sessions data was consumed.  Beyond that Verizon does not have to release the specifics of where and who your data is being consumed by. 


              Getting an attourney, although it may be effective, is not cost effective for your time or money in this situation.  If you really want to see your traffic then I suggest installing and running a traffic sniffing/monitoring application on your computer.  As you log your activity you can cross reference the Data Log provided by Verizon and figure out where your leaks are coming from.  Some standard 3rd party traffic sniffers are WireShark and Microsofts Network Monitor. A word of warning, trafic monitors are not for consumers, they are tools intended for network administrators.  Looking through the logs will be a little intimidating the first few times you try.  Start small and take a snapshot of your activity.  As you feel more comforatble expand the snapshot to include more and more time.


              You can also invest into a router with built in logging if you want to log the traffic for multiple machines at the same time.  I believe some of the Cradlepoint routers come with this functionality built in.  Traffic monitors built into these routers tend to be a little more user freindly as they only show the relevant infomration for downloads and uploads.

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                For people who need more data you can get 20GB via Millenicolm with no overage, with the Verizon Wireless Coverage Area

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                  I also talked with Verizon about the 4g LTE Jetpack that I use. 


                  When we first got it, it did like our phones, usage normally less than 1gb in a month.  If we streamed a movie, we watched and the usage per the movie at medium res. was 1.2 gb.  And until this month, we had not gone over 5gb of my 10 gb plan. 


                  Then with no changes, this month in one night, the data jumped up by 6 gb in 2 hours.   At this outrageous jump which occured after midnight when all were asleep, I chatted with tech support. 


                  I had looked at connections, nothing suspicious, no strange connections. 


                  I told them what I was seeing in data usage and at what times, and I was told that the online usage is not accurate.  It's a guess.  I was told that you have to wait to get the bill to see when and how much usage there was at any give time.  She did tell me she could not give me the information about the connections as federal law restricted giving out the information to protect me.  She suggested I increase my data. 


                  I asked why if I couldn't be sure yet that I had really used the data. Sarcasm never helps, of course.  I also asked if there were any other calls about suspected overages, and if there was a chance the device had faults.  At the end of the chat, I selected the option to email the chat to my email.  Filled it all out with all the required information and hit send.  The chat disappeared and I never recieved the chat in my email.


                  So  I increased my plan to 12 gb so I don't get more charges while online getting data charges. 


                  Then this weekend another alert, and I'm suddently in less than two hours over again, so I bump it up another 2 gb as that's cheeper than overage charges.    Windows updates was not turned off of our new computer that we turned on when we arrived.  However, the files downloaded totaled in the kb, not even 1 gb, but usage jumped up by 2 gb. Knowing what had happened before, we did not connect our other devices to the jetpack. 

                  So the only data usage was the computer and windows updates.  I verfied at the jetpack what was connected during this time.


                  Yes,  I signed a 2 year agreement.  Yes,  I am looking into other options for internet at our cabin.     I still believe there is something wrong with the jetpack, but I havn't had much luck convincing anyone else.

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                    Verizon Wireless Customer Support


                    Data overages is definitely not a fun surprise to see on your bill!

                    Do you have other devices connected to the Jetpack that may be updating? Updates can use up a lot of data depending on the update. Are you turning off the devices connected to the Jetpack when not in use?

                    I'm sure that once the usage has billed we can take a closer look at the data usage and see where and when the data usage is occurring.


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                      As stated in my comment, I have kept up with the connections of my pheripherals.  The only wireless device that is always on is a thermostat.  It does not perform automatic updates.  The data usage coincides with our weekend visits.  I am not saying that we are not using data.  However, I have tracked what we are using and it appears that the jetpack is recording more data usage than is really used.  This is why I believe it's an issue with the device.  I also stated that I did not see this activity in the past.  This is a recent issue.  I work with a control network everyday and have for 15 years.  I am not new to this.


                      Thank you for your reply

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                        Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                        I appreciate you working so hard to try to figure out where this usage is coming from, DebCz. Do you possibly use your MiFi as an internet connection to an Apple TV or similar device? Or do you use a backup provider like Carbonite on your computer? I personally saw a spike in my data usage after signing up for a backup service on my computer, not realizing quite how much data I decided to back up. I also noticed that my usage spikes when my antivirus application backs up my information and does it's own automatic system check. Finding the source of your recent data usage is important to us too.

                        Thank you

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                          The ONLY solution is to dump verizon. Verizon customers service says they have no knowledge of any jetpack issues and told me that ALL you people posting it on forums are liars. Verizon support guy JOSHUA seemed to be helping me out with getting new equipment. Turns out all he did was add an extended warranty to my bill. Promised equipment never arrived. I was called a liar by verizon when I inquired though verizon CSR could not explain why I had a install order pending in the system. I spoke with MIGUEL? (a so-called supervisor) who promised to look into the matter and call me back - he never did which is EXACTLY what I told the CSR would happen when she passed me to Miguel. So it seems JOSHUA intentionally misled (LIED) and added costs (STOLE MY MONEY) on behalf of verizon. But CSR's are GREAT at telling me how much integrity verizon has. Seems that to verizon integrity means cramming unapproved charges on your bill, calling jetpack reviewers and forum posters LIARS and then lying to their customers & promising things that which they know will not materialize. I foresee a class action suit on this matter and I can't wait. I'm sure verizon uppers know it's coming but look at th eprofits (& bonuses) in the short-term.

                          The jetpack MISREPORTS data used. I shutdown EVERYTHING for hours then booted up 1 PC & Jetpack, uploaded 2 meg file to the web and shut all down again for a few hours (to timestamp the activity) Verizon bill shows 18 meg of usage during this time. It is time for lawyers & tech geeks to get involved. It is time for verizon customers to LEAVE. Because of JOSHUA and MIGUEL verizon will lose 6 lines locally and anyone I can convince to leave in the future!

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