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    Galaxy S4 32/64gb ?


      Ok, I have seen several posts about people who want the Samsung Galaxy S4 with 32 or 64gb internal memory & I have seen the replies from people saying, "Are you sure you need 64GB internal? It supports up to a 64gb SD card". And to this I say you’re darn right I do. It's personal preference. Some of us want a Smablet (Smartphone phone & tablet combo). Sooooo VZW, put the darn 32s & 64s out there so those who want it can buy it. Apple did but ruined that by not having removable storage. Go figure??? If you have to reset that phone there goes your data. I guess you could back it up on your pc but any recent data would be lost. Don't tell us that it's only offered as 16 GB internal cause it would cost too much or wouldn't sell. It will sell so I hope this gets around. I know corporate is hearing from me. Can we get those 32/64 GB models PLEASE!!!!! ??? Unfortunately, VZW probably will not See this link http://www.sidhtech.com/news/64gb-samsung-galaxy-s4-verizon-sprint-tmobile-att-2/1004252/     

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          Guess what? At&T is coming out with the 32gb version on May 10th. http://www.engadget.com/2013/05/06/samsung-gs4-att-32gb/ You know there are more than a few customers who are mad right now because they took a new contract on the 16gb version. The worst part is they cannot return their phones because it's outside AT&T's 14 day return policy. I think Verizon is going to do the same tactic in the end. My suggestion is to skip their phones until they come out with 32gb and 64gb. I've been with them 12 years and I'm ready to leave because they offer no real storage solutions for people who are not clueless and recognize that apps can only be installed on internal memory. To add insult to injury, the 16gb S4 only has about 9gb of useable space due to the bloatware these carriers are forcing on the phone.

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            I totally agree with you PDawg2013. I will wait till they get their act together with the internal memory. I have been with vzw since they existed. I also date back to the "Brick" analog cell. Thing weighed about 7lbs & had this huge antenna on it. I also found out about the true internal formatted usable storage so for people like us the 32s & 64s are a must. I think we should keep active on the posts about this. I have contacted a person I know in vzw corporate & I am waiting for their help too.

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              VZW discontinued the S3 32gb as they said it did not sell well and they have never as yet offered the Note 2 in 32gb, I can only use a 32 gb or larger internal memory and require a 64 gb sd card for music and photos.  I can't move to another carrier as the service of other carriers stinks where I live. 


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                I sympathize with you on this subject japetty. I cannot go to Sprint or T-Mobile because their reception stinks too but AT&T might work for me. Why does AT&T spend the extra money to get the larger models but VZW does not??? What doesn't add up with this whole topic is that all of Europe & other countries sell the Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Mist 64gb internal memory 64gb external memory, but are not being sold in the US??? Why not? They sell in Europe & other countries so they should sell in the US. I believe it is being done for the reason Pdawg2013 is listing...They are selling the S4 16gb now & later release a 32 or if we are lucky a 64gb model so then there's double profit for VZW. I am going to get a friend with an AT&T smartphone & ask them to come to my house & see if their service works. If it does this lifetime member of VZW will leave & go to another carrier who will provide the products I need. Since I have been with VZW from the time they were born & before that Bell Atlantic Nynex Mobile, I feel I deserve to have the option to choose the device I want not the device VZW wants me to have.

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                  Good Luck with your endeavor.  I have been with VZW ever since it came out of the union of them buy GTE.  I was on GTE in CA ever since AT&T quit doing business as a TDMA company and started the GSM.  In fact the first phone I had on GTE was just an analog phone.  VZW don't care about that though as they get new customers every day.  No big deal to lose a  customer here and there.  Like I say though I still have my G3 with 32gb and 64gb sd card and I am am looking at a used one which I may purchase soon.

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                    Did they fix S-Voice on the S3 like on the S4 ? I think an update did that. Is this correct ? Maybe I should get an S3 w/32gb too. S-Voice was a train wreck at first but from demonstrations I've seen on the S4 it looks impressive.  I thought I heard S-Voice for the S4 is now the same as whats on the S3s. What do you think ?

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                      I have the 16 gb on order but am having serious reservations about the limitation of only having 9 gb or whatever will be left for applications.  That isn't a lot of space these days!  I have a 32 gb iphone now and it only has 2 gb left.  Granted I can expand the space on the S4 but only for file storage...not applications. 


                      I may have to cancel my order and wait to see if they'll offer a 32 gb version.  I'm already a bit bent out of shape that they are the last large US company to get the phone.  I don't need a company to be on the cutting edge but middle of the pack would be nice.  Last?  No bueno. 

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                        Yeah. With having a 32gb & only 2 gb left you need the larger internal space. Problem is, will they ever get a 64gb S4? I have my doubts & it is a shame. We have such technology out there & the big providers are limiting us to really nice phones with so little internal storage. I'm trying to get some answers from corporate. I think I'll call them now & see what they have to say about this whole mess. Hang in there CntryGyNSD.

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                          AFAIK VZW discontinued selling the S3 32gb so that leaves a used S3 if you can find someone willing to part with theirs just yet or maybe an ebay retailer which bought them all up and maybe offer them at higher prices than before since VZW discontinued them when I went to buy my S3 32gb last year 3 stores I went to did not offer them and they told me I would have to order it online.  I even checked with the 2 Best Buys in town and they did not carry the S3 32gb.  You need to be more patient and see what they offer.  Summer will tell us more of what they may offer in the S4 arena beside the S4-16gb.  Oh and what is the point of all the bold type fonts in all your posts anyway.  Just don't see the point here.

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