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    Can't make calls or text.


      For the last 3 days, I haven't been able to make or receive calls, or send or receive texts.  The network switches from "No Service" to "Extended" to "Roaming" to "Verizon" in random order, but it doesn't make a difference.  For some reason I can get and send texts to my wife but no one else.  I've soft reset and reset network settings multiple times.  Any ideas?  I've had my phone for a year with no other real issues.

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          Have you tried dialing *228, option 1 to reprogram your phone?  You also could try *228, option 2 to update your Preferred Roaming List.

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            I tried that but since i can't make calls it doesn't work.  The phone just reads "calling..." until it finally ends.  It doesn't ring or anything.

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              Also, my wifi works fine so i can send email and play games etc.

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                Sometimes *228 will still work if you're having network issues, so it was worth a shot.  There could be a network outage in your area; do you know if others are experiencing some of your issues?  Have you talked with anyone at your local Corporate Verizon store?

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                  Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                  Hey there KateKemp.  Three days is to long to be having the same issue and I truly apologize for the inconvenience.  I know how disappointing it is when your device does not work to your expectations and I absolutely want to make sure we get your phone up and running.

                  What is your zipcode? I want to take a closer look at the area to make sure there are not outages.

                  Does your wife have an iPhone as well? If she does, that is why you are receiving her text messages because iMessages are sent over the WiFi network.

                  Are you on the most up to date software? For steps on how to check please visit http://vz.to/KQe2KX.

                  One other thing I want you to try is to remove and reinsert the sim card if you have one in, http://vz.to/zXnl81.

                  Please try the provided troubleshooting steps and update us with results.

                  Follow us on Twitter @VZWSupport

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                    My zip code is 50021.  Yesterday the phone was working fine again.  Today I think it was too, although I noticed the status said "no service" sometimes today instead of "verizon".  I've already done the sim card thing as well.  Hopefully it was just some weird network issue. 

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                      I have been having a very similar issue that began on our about May 25th.  I have called in for support twice. I have reset the network.  Reset the phone. Dialed *228 multiple times -- when I can actually make a call.  I have had multiple calls dropped. Voicemails were delivered to phone over 24 hours after messages were left. The problem is virtually the same as described in this post.  Something changed over the past month and it is very frustrating.

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                        I just started having the exact same issue here in Florida, Verizon sending out new phone hope this fixes the issue No Calls No texting calls just time out with no ringing text gets to the very last bit to send and bombs out very frustrating adfter 2.5 hours of chat and calls was about to get a ticket opened with tier 2 suport and she aggreed it was a hardware issue as my sons phone is working fine same Phone different color IPhone 4.

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                          For the past few months my husband has been having similar problems. We live in Haysville Kansas, and he works about an hour to an hour and a half away.  He gets close to work and suddenly his phone will not call out, and it keeps switching from "no service" to "extended" to "roaming".  He occasionally receives calls but most go to voicemail, and he can text.  When I call him, I have to keep trying, hoping one will finally go through. I have went with him on numerous trips and have never had an issue with my phone. Also, his dad works in the same place, also with Verizon, and never has any issues with his phone. We have already purchased him a new Droid 4 as we had thought maybe it was the phone since no one else was having problems. As much as we pay, it sucks he can't use the phone when most needed. If Verizon can't fix this fast, we will have to find a phone company that works... it's not like we are that far from home, would hate to see what it does when we have to travel over a thousand miles away next month.

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