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    Customer Care?


      Dear Verizon.  We are going to have to get divorced.  I have been with you for over a decade. Just like a beqaten spouse I kept forgiving you...  You have my cell phone, my partner's cell phone, our internet, our house phone, our business lines.. yes - I was totally committed.


      Here was my dilema. I had an additional phone put on my account to help someone out.  after four months they left the country..  I had 20 months left on their contract...  I bought their new phone through you (yeah they took that with them - kind of sad that people are stuggling so badly they have to behave so disgustingly) so I called you and asked could you swap the commitment to my phone.. OH NO said felicia the rather pompous rep, OH NO.. didnt you read the contract, yes I reply, however I was hoping we could find a way to make this work.  Can I transfer my partner's phone to my contract - OH NO says felicia - he is already with verizon, yes dear, I respond but he is not under contract, OH WELL says felicia that doesnt work.  What about your house phone says felicia - It is already with Verizon say I .  Says Felicia..  we can only help you if the service is not a verizon service REGARDLESS of whether or not you are under contract.


      Dear Verizon... Your customer service sucks.


      EVEN Worse... I kind of know that if I call in again I will gt a different rep, and finally I will find one that really is a customer care agent and he/she will work out a logical way to encourage me to commit all my phones for another two years in exchange for eliminating this one unused phone.  Oh, and yes, I learned my lesson.  Never ever try and help out a former colleague who is down on their luck!!! 


      Thanks for letting me vent

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          Well the rep was right, you can't just swap out contracts like that, so there's no 'logic' here it's not even that it's policy, there's no way around it. 

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            Hey brother, I want to be on your side. I really, really, do. However, you signed up for a 2-year contract, put a phone in your name, all for someone who did not have the money or credit to do it themselves? Why not just buy him a prepaid phone and spend the $45-$50 a month and that way if he bails with the phone you are not out any future costs? Also, why on earth would you sign a 2-year contract for someone else?


            The VZW rep is right, and I am not really sure what you expected here. I am all for beating up VZW when they ***** someone over...but really you ******* yourself over...badly...and wanted VZW to take the hit for it.


            It is fine to come here and vent, but really I just hope you learned a valuable lesson here: Do not enter into a contract with or for someone who has no money. I don't care if its your mother. Don't risk it.

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              I agree with you.

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                That's definitely a rough situation we have all been ******* over with people we thought we trusted.  I say bite the bullet pay the etf and move on.

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                  I agree with spitxfire on all they stated and everyone else also.


                  You took the risk and regrettably, the person you wanted to help ditched on you. You signed the contract, you are responsible, nothing VZW can do for you

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                    This unfortunate situation is not a customer service issue, it's a policy issue.  Verizon has a policy they do not allow you to move a contract to another line of service on your account.  The obvious reason for that policy is to prevent customers from doing exactly what you want to do.  That is, move the contract and cancel a line of service.  People really need to think twice before committing themselves to a 2 year contract, especially for someone else.

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                      I have another option for you. Do you have an old phone to put on your husbands line that is out of contract? If so, put that old phone on his number then put his phone on the other number. Downside to this is he has to change his number, but you'll be able to drop your hubands number with no early termination fee as long as it's out of contract. If your husband doesn't really want this other person's number because people still call it, then once he activates his phone on it, change the number and get a whole new number.


                      Other than that, everyone else is right. Your husbands number cannot take over the contract on the other line and keep his number.