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    Someone is using my cell phone number to requests call backs from dozens of companies


      Starting last night I have been receiving calls on my cell phone from companies saying that I went to various websites and asked for a quote either for a card, health insurance, college, refinancing or some other service. I have been getting calls from dozens of people every couple of minutes since last night. This morning I had at least 5-6 calls before 9 am and when I last checked my phone I had missed 16 calls and had voicemails too.


      I never visited any sites or asked for calls. Whoever is doing this is using my name and cell phone number but not my email address thankfully.


      Is anyone having this happen or has it happened to you before? Verizon suggested blocking the numbers but there are WAY more than the 5 you can block for free. I registered the number with the Do Not Call registry but if someone is asking for calls on a site then that gives permission for these places to call.


      I don't want to have to change my cell phone number as I've had it for many years.

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