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    phone freezing up


      Every since the 4.2.2 update my phone will randomly freeze up and I have to do a battery pull to restart it. never had to do this till the update and my Bluetooth power last half as long as before. it is as though it never disconnects when not in use.

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Oh no! This is definitely not good atmdevoted7. We want you to be able to enjoy your device and get the most out of what it has to offer. May I ask is there any physical/liquid damage on the device? Also, what's the last action performed on the device before it freezes. I suggest running theh phone is safe mode for a day or two to see if the issue persist. Here's a link on how to do so, http://vz.to/vW58PM. Let me know the results after a couple of days, just in casem ore assistance is needed.

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            I have that same problem. In a little over a month, it's froze 10+ times. Using it as an alarm clock, it's frozen over night twice and my alarm hasn't gone off and was late for work. I took it to a Verizon store in Michigan and they said there is nothing they could do because Verizon doesn't recognize it as a problem yet. After moving to Virginia, I went to a store in Richmond and they said the same thing. They may be able to switch it out but that would just give me the same phone and problems. This doesn't help me because I have a corporate phone and don't have a choice to change anything. Asked the IT at work and they can't do anything until my phone upgrade at the end of November.


            I have been doing random things when it freezes. I've been talking on the phone, charging or not charging. or while opening an app. The little clock on the notification line will actually be different from large clock on the lock out screen. I can't unlock it. It will say it's charging with the % but the little battery won't have the lightning bolt in it. I've pulled the battery out countless times. I've even done a factory reset and that still hasn't helped. Verizon hasn't been much help either. I can't wait to get rid of this phone. Or at least get some type of help (which seems highly unlikely).

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              Did either poster do a master reset after the update. It is a recommended step after an update. You could an app that does not play well with the new OS, that is why Safe Mode is a good idea as suggested above.

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                I've done every kind of reset. Even taken it to both Verizon stores and they couldn't do anything about it. It has something to do with the launcher. It doesn't respond. I haven't heard of a fix for it. When I did my factory reset, I only did minimal apps and still froze. What's the point of doing an update when nothing works with it? Sounds like a couple of geniuses with Verizon and Samsung. Make the phone useless and the apps don't work with it. And when they do, no support for it.