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    Casio G’z0ne Commando 811


      I was told months ago by a Verizon store rep that this upgraded Casio G’z0ne Commando 811 4G phone was coming out and that Verizon would be carrying it. I talked with a phone rep today who called trying to get me to enter into another long term contract.  I told him I was waiting for the Casio 811, and he had no idea about it, nor any way to find out. It appears it is out, http://www.slashgear.com/casio-gz0ne-commando-reboots-with-4g-lte-02276196/ but I can't find out anything about it.  There is no way to email Verizon with this question, and I find discussion forums kind of lame unless Verizon staff monitor the discussions and actually answer them, because gosh darn, would customers have any better insight on Verizon's business than the slashgear.com discussion forum does?

      But on the off chance that leaving a note like this on a discussion forum could possibly yield an answer to "where is the Casio G’z0ne Commando 811 actually being sold in the U.S.?" then I'd be most pleased for the response.



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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hi there DollyBelle!

          There's no doubt we're on the same wavelength here when it comes to new product launches. So, I'm happy to share what I know.

          At this point in time, the Casio G'zOne Commando c811 has not been announced for Verizon Wireless. However, something I like to do is keep my eyes out for for device launch alerts in my e-mail box by signing up for them at http://bit.ly/dDumph . I hope this helps out!

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            why does the FCC's website have pic's of it with the verizon logo on it and have said it is ok to sell?

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                Verizon really dropped the ball on this one. My contract with Verizon ends May 29,2013 an i believe so does my relationship with Verizon.  Unfortunatelly, i doubt they care...  On the positive side. Looks like South Korea Managed to get the new Casio smart phone.

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                  I think that I'll be leaving Verizon too, if this phone is not available by the time I'm eligible for an upgrade.  Like you, I don't think Verizon cares though.

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                    After speaking with VZ support, I was told they "probably" wont be selling the c811 until the older model has sold out completely.  I was told that there are 2,400 older models left in stock...  So that would explain the continued setbacks in the rumored release date.  So much for the 6-6-13 release date. ... Time to look elsewhere.

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                      I still have a few months left on my contract but at this point I'd rather not wait for a device that will be nearly unsupported by the time it comes out. I don't care to wait to find out that if rooted my warranty will be voided. That the 10gigabytes of verizon bloatware will keep the performance at the commando's benchmarks. And that in 6 months it will be replaced by a new g'zone phone that verizon will not tell us about, that will likely have been in development since this one was originally sent through the fcc fall of last year.


                      verizon seems to believe that every phone launch will be as successful as the nexus series, or the galaxy s series of phones. So, they try to keep us in the dark for whatever ill conceived notion that the buzz will build and build and build. All the while avoiding the reality that the market for these phones is not large enough to drag out a release 6+ months after the public becomes aware of its existence. That the consumer isn't going to wait for a phone that has the specs of phones that came out last summer instead of picking up a new S4 or Razr HD.

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                        6-6-13 has come and gone, and still no new G'zOne military spec smartphone.  Whether they call it the Commando 2, or the C811, what is the latest rumored date out there for release?

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                          I mean the following comments as constructive criticism/food for though.


                          I'm more than a little sick of the poor information quality of customer service. Verizon has been amazingly polite, but my Droid X has been slowly ******** up in more and more creative ways. I make good money, so buying one would not have been an issue, but having them break often (and smartphones DO), is not acceptable when you run an organization.


                          My company has a discount with AT&T. I have no idea what their customer service is like, but at this point no one has told me anything even resembling helpful about when a reasonable release date would be (a month would have been fine). I've researched all of the current phones; the iPhone 5 is the only one that seems to have consistently good reliability, but I don't want Apple. I understand I'm not a typical customer because durability, call quality, a basic features (calling, texting email, and GPS) are all I really care about. But at this point I can NO LONGER RISK LOOSING BUSINESS BECAUSE VERIZON  REFUSES TO BE HONEST AND ALLOW THEIR CUSTOMERS TO PLAN. This is a multimillion dollar deal; why would I believe that no one has any idea?


                          Again, I may be disgruntled and planning on leaving, but I really do mean these comments constructively so you can avoid future issues. I hope you personally have a fantastic day.



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