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    Iphone - Insurance is a Scam


      I took my phone to a Verizon Store to have their technical support team troubleshoot my phone since I was having bluetooth issues. The agent looked up my account and saw I had insurance...She used a flashlight to take a look at the phone and said I was eligible to receive a replacement. The next day I received a new phone with instructions on how to return the old one. It said to make sure the  "Liquid Contact Indicator" was not triggered. I took a look at the phone and everything was perfect...just a little dust and lint from having it in my pocket.

      To my dismay, 1 month later I received an email stating I returned a phone with corrosion and water damage and that I would be charged $299...This was outrageous since I never asked for a new phone in the first place AND my phone was in PERFECT condition. They attached a photo that showed the "corrosion." This was in an area with plastic...impossible to have been corrosion!! They were pointing at the lint and dust. The photo showed that the "liquid contact indicator" was not triggered...so how do they explain corrosion if the phone had not been in contact with water???

      I contacted customer service and the store manager where I had taken the phone in the first place. They both said that they could only go by what the photo showed....I took the picture to the Apple Store and their "Genius Bar" employee agreed with me...it was plastic and could not be corroded!!!

      I am not willing to pay $299 for a phone that was sent in perfect condition...To make things worst, the new phone didn't solve my bluetooth issues!!

      Their insurance plan is a SCAM!!! Once they have your phone they can't return it so you can't even prove your point!!!


      Needless to say, I"m counting the days for my contract to be over with Verizon so that I can go to another company. They are not the only ones that carry the iPhone!!!!