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    Texting on the Verizon Wireless Website


      How do I properly punctuate between cell phone numbers when I'm creating an online text (https://web.vma.vzw.com/vma/web2/Message.do?n=1&s=UItUF0eVJ9%2FfB7nx).  I have a list of eighteen cell numbers to vwhich I need to text every day.  Can someone help me?


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          To clarify my question a little more, I want to be able to either set up a group, or be able to copy and paste the eighteen numbers from Word, Excel, or other into the To: window of online texting at


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            Interesting question, Paul.  If I enter one number, then go to the message area, it wraps the number in a box and adds an "X" to remove that number; then I can add another number, go to the message box, and it adds the number and changes to a "Group Conversation".  But, I need to go to the message box in between for it to recognize a separate number - very clunky. **Update - if you enter a phone number, then hit Shift+Enter you can then add another, and another.  I still dont' see a way to "Save" the group or enter it from a cut n paste list.


            I've been playing with it but I haven't found the magical formula for doing this easily.  I'll let you know if I figure it out!


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