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    Have Experience with the Prepaid Tablet Plan?


      I'm thinking about getting a 32GB iPad with Retina Display (Wi-Fi + Verizon).  I could buy it at the Verizon store or get it somewhat cheaper elsewhere.  Talked with the Verizon salesman at the local store about buying from him and adding the tablet to my existing basic, no-data phone plan for our two flip phones with no messaging, no texts, no photo transfers -- just phone calls on those two basic phones.  Salesman says I can add a minimum of 2GB of data for the iPad per month for $30 plus taxes and fees to our present plan.  He'll also waive the $35 activation fee for us.


      However, online I found the Prepaid Tablet Plan which is separate from any existing plan, apparently.  Called Verizon Support and Customer Service Rep  Ricky told me that the charge is $20/month for 1GB of data (or $30/month for 2GB and so forth) prepaid, no taxes added as is shown on the site.  I asked about an activation fee and he said $35.  But right on the web site it states "No activation or reconnection fees and no overage charges!"

      Up at the top of the page it states "Get It Now and Save with Free Activation."  Ricky said to believe what I was reading then -- no activation fee.


      Does anyone here actually have this Prepaid Tablet Plan?  What is being charged to your credit/debit card each month?  Ricky told me that when I first try to connect to Verizon with the new iPad, it will ask me for the card number and each month on that day, only the $20 for 1GB of data will be charged.  But if he didn't know about the activation fee not being charged, how can I be sure if what he is telling me about the monthly charge is correct?

      After reading some of the posts here on this forum, I can't be sure to trust what Verizon tells me.  So I'm asking those of you with actual, true experiences who use this plan.


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          You can click "Shop" at the top of this page and find all the information for all the devices and all the plans.  I wouldn't make my decision based on a one-time activation fee.

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            Calling Plan Information




            No activation or reconnection fees and no overage charges. Prepaid Mobile Broadband Plans do not include Verizon Wi—Fi Access, Text Messaging or roaming. Prepaid Mobile Broadband Plan for Tablets are not available on all models.

            Prepaid Mobile Broadband Plans for Tablets automatically renew each month on the same calendar day as the original purchase (if the purchase was made on days 29—31, the renewal date is the 1st of the following month), and the customer's credit card is billed accordingly. If the entire data allowance is used before the renewal date, service will not be available until the plan automatically renews, unless a new data plan is purchased. If a new data plan is purchased, the automatic renewal date is adjusted according to the new purchase date.

            Last Update: 08/28/12




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              Prepaid Monthly Plans for Tablets
              Monthly Access Fee$20$30$50$80
              Monthly Data Allowance1 GB2 GB5 GB10 GB
              No activation or reconnection fees and no overage charges!
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                Thanks for all the info.  That is what I found looking around the Verizon web site.  From my experience with phone plans, a $75 monthly plan could cost you around $90 after all the taxes and fees are added.  I am interested in finding out beforehand if that is the case with the Prepaid Tablet Plan.  That's why I am asking for current users of this plan to confirm the total cost and also that there are no further Activation Fees or Access Fees that get added either on a one-time basis or monthly.

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                  Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                  Knowing what you will pay during activation and monthly is very important sceptical because I would be concerned also. I'm sorry you received a few different answers but I'm here to clear things up for you. I would also like to thank the community for providing some great information. Let's start with activation. Our activation fee is $35.00 for activating a line on your account. We also offer promotions at different times of the year that may waive this fee. This will occur online majority of the time. Stores may also have promotions that waive the activation fee, but it will depend on that store. If the store representative advised he could waive the fee, that would be an awesome promotion they are providing and you are more than welcome to take advantage of it to save money. In regards to the plan for your Ipad tablet device, you have a few choices. If you currently have a shared data plan, to add the line would be $10.00 per month and the data used comes out of your data plan bundle. If you currently have lines that are using a Nationwide plan or older, you can add a line on your account for your tablet and simply pay for data every month. The cost can start at $20.00 per month for 1GB of data per month and can go up to $80.00 per month for 10GB of data per month. Here is a link to help with plan choices http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/prepay/processPrePayRequest.do?type=ppmonthSP . Additionally, the information listed on the site for prepaid use of your tablet is correct "No activation or reconnection fees and no overage charges!" . I hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.


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                    Unless you need text messaging, I'd go with Prepaid. I have been on a prepaid plan for about 2 years for my iPad 3. I pay 20 dollars even every month. No taxes or fees. I don't understand why there is an access charge of 10 dollars extra for the other plan they have. The prepaid also allows you to share with other devices, no access fee needed. I use my iPad as a hotspot often for other devices. cheaper than a Mifi if you don't need a lot of data.


                    If you need Data only, do the prepaid. You can decide if you need to skip it a month or have it on going. I find that the 1GB plan works great for me. I've never went over and I only use it when I'm out. Chat, check emails, send my husband messages in Hangouts or skype that I'm outside his job waiting, etc.


                    I don't watch video or stream anything on this plan. Its just basic to keep my connected while I'm out. I hope this helps and was the answer you were looking for.

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                      Synergi wrote:


                      You can decide if you need to skip it a month or have it on going.


                      I was just curious how you can skip it a month. In years past, I was given the option to suspend or cancel the data once my month was up.


                      In May, while I was traveling to visit MIL who has no internet access, I added 1GB data for a month. I went in to cancel before the expiration in June, and the only option I was given was to cancel my account entirely.


                      I called Verizon as I wasn't able to add another month of data on, and was told they had deactivated the account and that I'd have to go into the store for a new SIM.


                      I DID get into the store yesterday for a new SIM, though I am loathe to spend the money to add a month of 1GB of data just to test to see if it will allow me to cancel or suspend service.


                      Have you done this recently? I only ask as it seems Verizon has made it more difficult now as their Terms of Service requires one sign up for auto renew, and they actually charge your card about three days before your month of data expires.


                      As I said, when I went to cancel before the auto renew, the only option was to cancel the account entirely.


                      Just wondering if you still see the option to either suspend your account or just cancel the upcoming month of auto renew without entirely deactivating your account...