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    Problems connecting to WiFi network


      Recently my phone upgraded to 4.1.1 and then 4.1.2 and since then I am having problems connecting to WiFi network.

      Wifi network which I am trying to connect it shows up as Not in range while other devices like Iphone4s, laptop, Nexus 7 are accessing it easily.

      This is also intermittent problem, don't know why it doesn't connects for 4-5 days altogether and once in a while shows up as connected.

      Specifications of network -

      Security - 802.1xEAP

      EAP method = PEAP

      and then I have to provide login id-password for connection. Galaxy S3 shows as scanning, finds the network and then shows it as "Not in range".

      Pls help how to fix it.

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Good morning PramodV,

          Thank you sharing your wireless concern with us. It will be my pleasure to customize a solution to the wifi issue. May I ask have you been able to successfully connect to your wifi network since you have completed the update? Also, what network security setting is your wifi network set to? If all other variables are working properly then I would suggest attempting to connect to another wifi network to ensure that this technology is functioning properly. If not then please advise of your findings. If you are able to connect to a public wifi then the next step would be to verify the security settings on your home network. The suggest security option is WPA2. If you need help finding this info then please reply with your wifi network provider's name and the type of modem that you have. I'm looking forward to your response.

          Thank you...

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