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    Computer won't recognize my phone


      I hooked up my Samsung Intensity III to my USB drive using the cable. And I think I didn't disconnect properly. Next thing I know I am on my phone and all the pictures are gone. Now when I go to try to connect to the computer with the cable it doesn't connect me the same way that it was doing it before.

      The computer doesn't recognize the phone as being connected. I've even restarted my computer and plugged it back into the phone. It was seeing it as the G or I drive. Now nothing at all. My phone screen shows I am connected, but my computer shows no drives connected to the phone. What can I do to fix this or did I permanently mess something up. I would like to be able to keep transferring photos from my phone to the computer this way.

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          Were the photos on a micro-SD card?  You can try removing the card and using an adapter or card reader to see if the pics are still actually on the card.  Then transfer them to your computer.  When you reinsert the card into the phone, it may re-establish a connection.


          If it doesn't, you can try reformatting the card in the phone (which will erase everything on the card, so be sure to copy it all to your computer first!) to see if that allows you to see the card again.