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        There is no solution to this yet.  After a lot of suffering, I finally got Verizon to let me swap phones and waive the "restocking" fee.  I almost went the legal route, and still may file with the Attorney General of Colorado for unethical business practices (Verizon selling phones that they know don't work correctly).


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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support


          Time to thaw out your wife's phone and get it working properly again again. After all, it is unacceptable especially if it ever causes issues with her work life. When it comes to a freezing phone, we want more than anything to isolate the issue between the software and potentially harmful apps that may have been installed. To do so, please enable the device in safe mode and test http://vz.to/QSS79b . That will disable third party apps so we can see if apps just need to be removed, or it we need to go a step further.

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            This is not an issue with 3rd party apps - it's an issue with the phone (and the OS installed by Motorola).  There is already a Verizon Knowledgebase entry on this issue.  If need be, you can look it up under my account (it's in the notes on the account).  I think it's labeled something like Droid Hibernate or something like that.


            Anyway, it's not of any help to look at the 3rd party apps.  It happens with a phone fresh from the store (no other apps installed).  I verified this 3 times (by doing the factory reset).


            If you want to get this fixed, you need to get Motorola to release a fix ASAP.

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              I as well am having the same issue.  From day one (a few months ago) until now, this has happened at least once a day.  The phone becomes unresponsive, with the LED flashing -- a soft reset usually does the trick, but often I have to wrestle with it for a minute or two.  This seems to happen at any battery level or while charging.  As this began happening before I even installed apps, as well as in safe-mode and after factory resets, we can conclude that third-party apps have nothing to do with it.  I as well have missed alarms because of this, and I am starting to think that this phone is too unreliable to continue using. 


              At the very least, if this is a software issue that can be fixed, we need an official statement from Verizon / Motorola with an estimated patch date.  If it's a hardware issue that occurs with some but not all phones, it's the company's job to tell us the truth about it (it's been a known issue for a long time, apparently): and I am either going to need a brand new (not refurbished) phone that works out of the box, or I'm just going to switch back to my old carrier.  I spent tons of money on accessories for this thing, so switching phone models is the last thing I want to do.  If not: class action suit, anyone?

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                If you decide to pursue legal action, please let me know.  Not only has Verizon documented this problem (both in their knowledgebase and in my account notes), but I've also got my own documentation about this issue.  I would be glad to provide them to you.


                As I mentioned, it's not a hardware issue - it's a software issue that Motorola has known about since May.  I hope that you are able to resolve this to your satisfaction - it took me about 3 hours and a couple headaches to get a new phone (I went with the Incredible).

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                  Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                  Hi M.D.K.

                  Thanks for bringing your findings to our attention. We definitely want to have this addressed.  Please Direct Message us your number so we can reference your IMEI number when we option a Product Issue Form with Motorola. We are here to get this resolved for you.

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                    FYI, I was able to get Verizon to replace the phone.  I received one of the CLNR (certified like-new replacement) Razr M phones and it has worked perfectly since receiving it a week ago.  No lockups or reboots.  Interestingly, it has the same Android version (4.1.2) but newer build and system versions:


                    System version 98.16.1.XT907.Verizon.en.US

                    Build 9.8.1Q-66-1

                    Build date Fri April 5 08:29:32 CDT 2013


                    Not sure if anything related to this issue was actually fixed in this build or if it's just luck.

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                      The "certified" like-new phones have the issue.  I returned my Razr M last week that I'd had for over a year with no lock up issues due to the ear speaker cutting out.  The "like-new" phone now has this lockup issue.  What ****!  I have also experienced the "shrug" from the Verizon store in my town.  I am not a happy customer and I've been with Verizon wireless for over 10 years.

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                        Did that update work for you? anyone else?

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