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    Contract End Date




      My contract is up some time in october I believe but I do not know how to check this from the vzw website. I see my billing cycle end date but I am not sure if that is necessarily the same. Does anyone know how to access the CONTRACT end date from the site?


      Also, if I want to port my  number elsewhere, am I able to do it THE SAME DAY as the contract end date, or do I have to wait until the day after (to avoid those termination fees) -- don't worry, im not leaving vzw, just making my own contract from a family plan :smileyhappy:


      Thanks so much in advance!!



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          In your MyVerizon account you need to click on MyServices then MyPhone. That page will display your upgrade date and contract end date. The upgrade date is always 4 months prior to the end of your contract.


          If you're not leaving VZW but simply moving to another account then you don't need to wait until your contract end date. And what you're doing isn't called a "port". If you want to move the line out from under 1 person's name into another person's name then what you want is called an Assumption of Liability (AOL). Doing an AOL will actually extend your contract out exactly one year. So you can do it now if you'd like. Just as long as it stays within VZW there will be no early termination fee.

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            Thank you for the information. I see the contract end date (there are 3 lines on my account, but the date only appears for one, which I am assuming is the whole contract so all 3 of the lines are up then).


            The reason I am moving the 2 numbers to another contract is because I want to cancel one line. The line is now the primary so I was waiting until the contract was over. Will it extend the first contract one year? I don't want that (because the person's name its under doesn't want a phone anymore).


            As an alternative, If I canceled the line now and then switched the contract to my name would that be possible? I am not sure because the line I want to cancel is the primary. It would be complicated to swtich primary lines then cancel the original, much more complicated than starting a new contract I think, but I want that contract overwith, not extended one year.


            I am sorry I am so confusing with all this but I appreciate your help! Thank you so much!