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    Why doesnt my DROID RAZR M connect to my computer?


      i have been trying to figure out why my phone doesn't connect to my computer via USB. Original Moto cable that came with the phone, actually just got out the worry-free period. I tired resetting the phone, and power cycling the computer. the laptop is a Toshiba satellite upgraded to window 8 pro 64 bit. when the USB is connected the only thing that happens on the phone is that it is charging there is nothing in the status bar and NO sounds on the computer.

      in devices and printers, i do see the phone but is only because is its the only thing that's connected. it looks like another hard drive, the drive itself is not able to be opened.


      the moto drive manager has problem's on the PC it just vanishes either almost at end of downloading or when it says its finished and i press the button. it doesn't show up like what happens on the droid razr 4, when i plug that in the moto device manager pops up, not on the the RAZR M.the program it self i feel is not compatible with my computer but would that cause my computer not to read my phone as removable media? i got the device manager download from Motorola website and i tried to press save (Motorola's bright idea)


      I also tried debugging and everything, nothing. I don't get it. is there something i missed.



      if the thing not compatible with my operating system it would be great if there was some info on it, or the software is not updated for my verison of what going. I spoke to Verizon tech support, alot of the the stuff i tried other phones on my laptop, master resetting the device and formatting my sd card. (just tried that while i was writing this lol) and i feel like i really exhausted all options. drivers, motorola software phone and windows 8. i was just on the phone with a rep earlier yesterday and the rep to me he had the great and wonderful data base. so he started reading me this support info after what we didnt work i got off the phone and google searched "windows8 moto device manager issues " and up popped this page http://support.verizonwireless.com/clc/devices/knowledge_base.html?id=64009

      the same page that the rep was reading. im about to go back to my old phone cant take the run around, any suggestions.


      CONTACTED MOTOROLA TECH SUPPORT.......................>Comment deleted<


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          Windows XP shows MTP device, but no access to folders

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            "Well, don't ask me exactly how it's different, but you have to use a Motorola specific cord. A standard USB to micro USB won't work.

            Using the cord I got with the phone, my Macs now connect with the Android Transfer app. I was able to drag the whole itunes music folder onto the music file on the phone's SD card.

            I'm happy now ""


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            I smell an Apple troll


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              The "M" with Android 4.1.1 does not support USB mass storage as older versions did.

              It uses PTP or MTP for USB connection (kinda like Apple's IOS). You will need the

              USB drivers from the Moto support web site (easy to find). Pretty much any USB cable

              will work (they do for me). On the "M" set the storage option to PTP (just pics) or MTP

              to see all files. It's different from the mass storage option in that you can't see it as a drive

              letter, but all files are shown. BTW this is an Android Jelly Bean change not just for Moto.

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                Droid Usrr

                  What is it that you want to do when you connect it to your computer?

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                  Download the Motorola software - the Motorola Device Manager - from Motorola's site.  You need to have Windows Media Player 11 installed on your computer.  I have Windows XP and had Media Player 9.  Anything under 11 does not have the correct MTP drivers to let this phone connect to your computer.  Once you install Player 11 and the Motorola Device Manager you can plug your phone in and it will connect.  You don't need to fool with developer options or debugging or anything else like that.  You can then use Windows Explorer to drag and drop files into both the internal memory and your SD card.  I found that the cord I used made no difference at all once I installed the motorola software and Media Player 11.  If the Motorola software connects you to backup assistant when you plug it in, just right-click on the icon and check Do Nothing.  Then everything you do when you plug it in will be local.

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                    The idea of using a specific Motorola branded cable to connect my Motorola Razr M to my computer (Windows 7 64 bit) seemed preposterous to me.  However, after downloading and installing the Motorola Device manager software (executable file) and with numerous failed connection attempts and reboots (both phone & computer), and always receiving the same "Unrecognized USB Device" message, I had become quite frustrated.


                    After reading this discussion post, I decided to take closer look at the  cable that I was using. It was branded as an LG cable, which was working fine as a generic charging cable for all of our family's phones.  With nothing to lose, I located my Motorola branded cable and used it to connect my phone to my computer.  And, Viola!  Instantly, everything worked as it should!


                    Aside from the obvious and absolute absurdity of having to use a specific brand of cable with a specific brand of phone, I just felt that I should add a confirmation regarding the importance of using the correct cable.


                    Well done and thanks to the person who posted the correct cabling solution!