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    Receiving MMS text Messages


      Need a little help...


      When at work I have to download MMS messages to view them and get them to the group text.  When a text message comes in for that person it goes as them but the message is 2 buttons.  Download or Reject.  When I download it message disappears and moves to the group text area.


      This only happens at work and not at home and I only live 11 miles from my work.  Is that the issue? 


      Yesterday I didn't download any of the MMS messages and then on the way home in the middle of my drive all the MMS messages automatically downloaded to the group text area.


      Is there a setting or something I'm missing?

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          Is your data connection at work through wifi?

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            No... Everything is while using Data (No WiFi)

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              Are you on wi-fi at work and cellular data at home?  That's what it sounds like since the texts downloaded automatically on the drive home, where you'd be on cellular data.  MMS messages won't download or send over wi-fi, it has to be done over Verizon's network.

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                Don't know why my first response took a while to post, but apparently my suggestion has already been addressed.

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                  Could this be a location issue?


                  I have a buddy with the same kind of phone with the same issue but he lives south of work and I live north.  His downloads without an issue at home and here it doesn't.

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                    I went to a Verizon Wireless store to see if they could help me and they said that when I cross into WV to go to my work the network switches to US Cellular and that could be the problem.  I tried a couple of 3rd party apps but they aren't working for this group testing issue.  Other then that the store was really no help.


                    I was able to do this before the software update on my older phone so why can't I do it now?  I don't understand...


                    If anyone has any suggestions at all... please put here.



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                      Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                      Good afternoon Jgugs!

                      How bizarre. Hey, I know firsthand I'd be just as confused if this were happening to me knowing I'd want MMS messages treated the same whether I'm at home or in the office. So, let's get this working again like it did before.

                      First, I have to ask, which device do you have? Additionally, you mentioned in your most recent post that you didn't have problems before a software update. Was this an update done on your current device? At this point, something I'd like to recommend is taking a look at settings. For starters, go to your your messaging application and launch it. When there, select your menu key while viewing the threads of all messages, not just one individually. Then select settings. From here, you should be able to scroll down to MMS settings and verify the settings are correct and set to your preference. Please keep me in the loop on how that goes.

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                        Thanks Evan...

                        I have a RAZR. The update on my phone was done before I got the replacement. Once I did the update the problem started. With the replacement phone it is still doing it.


                        The only settings I can find are for grouping the messages together and that is set up to do that.




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