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    Samsung Stratosphere firmware 2.3.6 upgrade - any information +/-


      My husband just was forced to upgrade to the android gingerbread firmware 2.3.6 on his Samsung Stratosphere. It erased all the apps he had on his screens. He is having problems getting the weather, his backups, and other stuff.  There is something called "Go Apps", "Go SMS Pro",  GO PowerMaster" that say to download. Where is the Play Store? I found something, but there is no separation of paid and free apps.

      I won't look at an App if you have to pay for it and I don't want to go thru the paid to get to the free stuff.

      We have been on the web doing searches for any info, direction, and explanation on this new firmware. We wanted to compare the upgrade to the last version we had 2.3.5 (i still have it and haven't upgraded yet on my phone). All of this for naught.

      Verizon has a PDF about the upgrade but it was 2 pages and worthless, no help what-so-ever.

      There is no info to be found here or on the web about the upgrade, what changed, or what the stuff is in relation to the Samsung Stratosphere.

      I found 1 blog thread about the upgrade but they there were adament about talking about it in relation to their Nexus S (something like that).

      We both have been trying to understand the changes and get his phone back to having the stuff he had before where he can use it.

      He has reached his limit and is ready to toss this phone out the window.

      I suggested we go to the Verizon store and ask for help but he is really fed up and doesn't want to deal with them.

      Please help. If anyone has any info on what this stuff is, it would greatly be appreciated.

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          also what does safe mode do? Is it like safe mode on your computer? not all things work?

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            Hi there d1pinklady!

            Oh dear, I don't want to see your husband's phone go flying out the window anytime soon. With that said, I'm happy to be your resource here on the new operating system update his device received.

            Of course, I'd like to start by saying that I'm very sorry for the complications with figuring things out thus far. We definitely don't want him having issues with his apps and no need to pay for any apps either. Regarding apps, you should now see something called "Play Store". Go ahead and click it. Next, select "Apps". From there, you scan swipe the touch screen side-to-side where you'll see apps you can pay for or apps that are free. Additionally, if you know of an app you'd like to download, select the magnifying glass to conduct a search. You can also login to your profile online at http://bit.ly/GRp2en to browse the selection. Regarding the apps that you're being prompted to download, those are only suggestions but you don't have to do so.

            Additionally, I apologize for information to learn more about the device and the software update seeming elusive. But, we uncover everything you need to know about it's operation via our support pages at http://vz.to/up57RA . Plus, if you have any further questions or concerns about this or anything else, please know we're just a click away from doing are best to help.

            Oh, and because I noticed your most recent post, safe mode is something that will disable all third party apps on your device. In case there are issues, it's helpful to isolate problems. I hope that helps!

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