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    How do I save a voicemail message?


      How do I save a voicemail message?  Or their voicemail greeting?  My husband died recently and I want to save the sound of his voice.  Sadly this is the only recording I have of him.

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          Do you have Visual Voicemail or Basic Voicemail?

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            I'm sorry for your loss.


            You may want to go to this site:

            Voice Mail FAQs | Verizon Wireless


            and scroll toward the bottom where it talks about saving permanent copies of voice mail messages.

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              First of all I am sorry for your loss.


              One way would be to record your voicemail onto some type of media by using the headphone plug on your phone. There are adapters you can use to connect in this manner to your computer microphone input for example. An example of an adapter can be seen HERE although I am sure less expensive ones are available.


              If you are unable to do it in this manner, you can also get a copy in the following manner which can also be seen HERE:


              Can I have a permanent copy made of a Voice Mail message?

              Yes, permanent copies of your Voice Mail messages can be made in many ways but you can have CBW Productions, Inc. make a copy for you at a minimal fee. Go to CBW Productions and select the format you wish to use for your message archive. This is not a Verizon Wireless service and before any Voice Mail messages can be copied, you must register with CBW.

              If you do not have Internet access, you can contact CBW directly and place a phone order Monday through Thursday between 9am - 5pm EST and Friday 10am - 4pm at (800) 770-8046 or (877) 244-3222.

              Note: In order to have a copy of your message(s) made, you will be asked to provide CBW Productions, Inc. with your mobile phone number and Voice Mail password(Note: Following this link will open a new window with the glossary page, anchored to the definition for Voice Mail password.) so they can access your mailbox. The message(s) you wish to have copied MUST still be present in your voice mailbox. If a message has already been deleted, it cannot be retrieved or copied. Your Voice Mail messages cannot be enhanced; therefore, any copies will be exactly what you hear in your mailbox; if the message that was left for you is garbled, the copy of the message will be as well. This archival service is not available for SMS(Note: Following this link will open a new window with the glossary page, anchored to the definition for SMS.) (text) messages. CBW also provides Notary services for Voice Mail messages that are being archived.

              Good luck.

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                Hi there,


                Without a doubt, the best solution on the market and mos affordable is going to be Voicemails Forever !  You'll get 60 minutes of voicemail recording time for $19.99 and voicemails will be saved as an mp3 file (you can even burn them onto a CD).


                Try it - www.voicemailsforever.com




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                  One question re Voice Forever...


                  We have the flip Motorola connected to Garage Band on the new Mac as suggested by Verizon last spring.  The messages are clear to hear firsthand, but have static when transferred.  Any suggestions to avoid the static?  Will the MP3 be a better solution?  My husband is a geek from the get go and won't spend 20.00 because he is certain he will ultimately figure something out.  I would like to save any more hair from turning gray. 



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                    Thanks for the suggestion, samiam651.  Audacity works great.


                    And there is no need to connect your phone to a PC to record a voicemail, as suggested in other forum entries.


                    Instead, go to the Google Play store on your Android smart phone and download and install the free Automatic Call Recorder app.


                    Once Automatic Call Recorder is installed, open the app and use Settings to configure it to save records with File type of wav.


                    Dial *86 on the phone to call voicemail, log in, and listen to the voicemail you want to save.  If you press 5 when the voicemail first starts to play, you will record the date and time the message was left and the telephone number from which the voicemail was left.  After listening to the entire voicemail, use ** to exit from voicemail and hang up.


                    Go to the Automatic Call Recorder app and save the call just recorded in a .wav file on your Android phone.


                    Next, you need to get the .wav file from your Android smart phone to your PC.  There are a variety of ways to do that.


                    Once the file is on your PC, open it with Audacity and select the section of the call you want to save.  Then use File > Export Selected Audio... to save the selected section of the call as an .MP3 file.  When attempting to save an MP3 file for the first time, you will likely be prompted to download and install the LAME MP3 encoder.


                    After recording all the voicemails you want to save, if you no longer want Automatic Call Recorder to record your calls, open the app and use Settings to turn automatic recording off.