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    No WiFi after Jelly Bean Update


      I've been checking through some of the other discussions, and I am honestly having trouble finding some help.  I got the JB update this morning, and since then, I have been unable to connect to my wi fi.  My phone finds my network with no problem, and lists strength as excellent.  When I connect, the network strength seems to go haywire.  It shows I'm connected then disconnected over and over.  Then if turns wi fi off.  Then the process starts up again without me doing anything.  I have tried a factory reset several times.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  In layman's terms?  Thank you!!!

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          Have you tried turning off the auto-connect feature.  I don't know if that will help or not, but it might.  I have 3 different WIFI signals at my house and I can connect to either of them with no problems.  I see under "advanced" there is an option to "avoid poor connections" which on my phone is checked.

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            I did give that a try, as well as "forgetting" all the networks and trying to log in again.  But I'll go through the steps again.  I think this is going to take patience.

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              Also, try rebooting your router.

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                I've been rebooting the router as I've been going along. Right now I just feel like BOOT! lol

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                  I would like to thank everyone who offered me help with this issue.

                  I went to the Verizon store today, and my phone picked up their wifi with no issues what so ever.  They recommended I get a new router, which I have read that several people have had to do.  My ISP is Time Warner Cable.  I turned in the old router for a new router, and everything now works perfectly.  The router I had was more than 3 years old.

                  I hope that others find that a new router is the solution as well.

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                    I, too, have an original Droid Razr that quit connecting to the household WiFi after last week's Jelly Bean update.  Before I started digging through the various fora, I had already rebooted the modem/router, etc.  The latest "fix" seems to be buy a new router.  I'm sorry, but why should Verizon expect its customers to purchase a new DSL modem/router after a software update?  My wife has a Droid M running Jelly Bean, and it functions flawlessly with our WiFi network at the house.  This is a software glitch introduced by either Motorola or Verizon in the upgrade and should be addressed by them.  Come on Verizon!  Stop taking the easy way out and ADDRESS the problem.

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                      I currently have a wireless network in my home.

                      Before this update we had 5 computers, 1 wi-fi printer/scanner/fax, 1 TV and 3 phones all connected no problem.


                      Post update, everything works fine except for the two RAZRs.  I have a problem with buying a new router because 5% of my devices no longer work.  Some how I don't believe it is the router's fault.

                      3 of the computers are less than a year old, as are all three phones.


                      This is a Verizon/Motorola problem and needs to be addressed.

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                        Out of curiosity, how old is the router?


                        Did you try to forget the wifi connection on the phones having trouble and then add the connection again?

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                          I totally agree with you. This is a Verizon/Motorola issue, and they need to do something about it.  I was fortunate that I didn't have to buy a new router.  But for people who end up having to do that, Verizon should get the bill.

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