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    iPhone 5 going straight to voicemail - not receiving calls


      I'm currently on my second iPhone 5 experiencing the same problems prior to replacement.   I am not receiving calls.  My phone is going straight to voicemail, with absolutely no notification of missed calls either.   This happens about 90% of the time.   Especially after my phone has been inactive for a while.      I am an independent contractor, and I use my phone as part of my business.  So you can imagine how frustrated I am.


      My iPhone 5 was just over a month old before I noticed problems.   A Tier 2 representative noticed my phone was "inactive" after a while of it being asleep.  Meaning, after put to sleep the Verizon service basically was unplugged form the phone; thus sending it directly to voicemail.   The technician was under the impression that it was a problem with the phone.   She kindly overnighted me a verizon like new certified device.   Well guess what.   SAME THING HAPPENING.   An entirely different phone!   How is this possible verizon?   How much time of mine do I have to waste to have someone diagnose this problem.   I've been a verizon customer, and iphone customer for years!   I've never had an issue until this.


      One thought:

      I upgraded from the iPhone 4, to the iPhone 5.   The iPhone 5 has a sim card, while the 4 did not.  Is there a chance that the sim card is corrupt?   Or is this an LTE issue like everyone else is stating.   Please keep me posted.