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    unlimited data


      I have unlimited data and I bought my phone straight out to keep it but I hear rumors that Verizon Wireless is going to take that away from me is this true I'm in the military I travel a lot and I need to have unlimited data due to the fact of I don't always have a wifi connection

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          No one knows. There is rumblings based on the 2 year anniversary when you could no longer add unlimited data. But we will not know anything for another year and a half

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            By the time June 28, 2014 comes around (when all unlimited users will be out of contract) I think there will be very little unlimited users that its not worth the hassle for verizon to end it.

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              I seriously think Verizon and all other carriers that don't offer unlimited data needs to get of their high-horses and just give it back to us. I, along with many other people, have legit reasons as to why they should. I can argue this to the core.

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                And VZW and others will argue, we are a for profit company that must meet stockholder expectations. With data being the cash cow it is, it is natural for charge by the GB for it.


                There is not an argument from the consumer side that would fly. It is their playground, their rules, don't like em, dont play in their sandbox. It sucks, but that is the way it will be forever now.

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                  Budone...I hear you. Trust me. However, we, the consumers, are the ones whom are truly in control. If enough of us get sick and tired of the garbage and refuse to give OUR hard earned money to "their playground", then they will be forced to meet our demands or suffer the consequences. The odds of that happen are quite slim but it's definitely possible. Might I also add that it is OUR money that enables them to keep their "playground" going.

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                    Verizon, along with the others removed unlimited data to simply get more $$$. I think I'm going to post my argument on this because I know for a fact what these companies are up to. Their reasons for removing it is garbage. I know their claims. I've read and spoke them about it. It makes absolutely no sense.

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                      This is precisely why I hate the ascendancy of the private sector in this country. The general welfare of the people is marginalized and subjugated to the corporation's "fiduciary duty" to their investors at the expense of the public. This is why Verizon's lawsuit against net neutrality, and AT&T's petitions for repeal of ALL regulation of the wireless telecom industry in this country are VERY BAD THINGS. Far better for the FCC to assert authority to fairly regulate these companies as Title II common carriers, particularly in the coming age of all-IP networks. Verizon and AT&T are hanging up on DSL and wireline customers like no tomorrow, just because these venues are no longer sufficiently profitable to maintain them. Universal service guarantees? Gone. Lack of regulation means no competition. Carriers will raise prices in lockstep and continue to cut quality of services to increase the bottom line and returns to investors. I hate to think what this industry will look like after 5 or 10 years of weak regulation and corporate dominance.  For the consumer, it WON'T be good.

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                        Eloquently said Dimap52! I applaud you for this because it's completely true.

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                          I understand why they ended it for new customers but they should let people grandfathered in keep it.

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