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    Extended vs. Roaming


      We have two iPhones on the Nationwide plus Mexico family share plan. We are currently in an area of Mexico where we receive service (and received great service with no additional fees last year with a Droid X on the "extended" network).  My husbands iPhone 4S says "extended" but my iPhone 5 says "roaming".  Does this mean that his calls will be included in our plan but Verizon will try to bill mine as roaming charges?  Confused and don't really want to have to deal with an additional bill upon our return.  Any answers would be appreciated.

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          That would be my summation also

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            @jenn77lee, i truly hope your time in Mexico is going well. I'm sure the weather is much more enjoyable than where I'm currently sitting. Let's ensure you don't endure any roaming charges on your next bill. An extended coverage area is a specific type of roaming. In an extended coverage you are tied to a non-Verizon Wireless tower. This typically happens within the United States. While in Mexico, do you have data turned off or did you add an international data package to suite your needs? To ensure that data is turned off an not accumulating roaming charges head into Settings > General > Cellular > Roaming > Data (off). You can keep Roaming voice only on to ensure you are able to call.

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