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    Samsung S3 in Europe?


      I am a complete newbie when it comes to my phone so I apologize if this is a dumb question. I will be in Europe (France and UK) for two weeks in April. Can I take my S3 with me to use there (that is, can I buy a SIM card in Europe to plug into the S3)? If so, can I use the other features (data, GPS with maps of Europe, etc...)?


      Thanks for your help....

      Jeff <Full name removed for privacy.>


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          Nope . . . VZW uses a CDMA radio and a most of the remainder of the free world uses a GSM radio. But, I do believe VZW can provide you with a 'loaner' GSM (for a fee) suitable for international travel.


          This link may provide you more info:



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            The Samsung Galaxy S3 might be global ready, but you should confirm that with Verizon Wireless Global Support. Perhaps another customer with the S3 will chime in here too.

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              The Samsung Galaxy S3 is global ready. You can buy a SIM card over there and use it. I believe you can only use voice and text though. I don't think data is allowed internationally on this phone.

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                Sure you can use data if the local SIM you are using is provisioned for it. Just make sure the phone is SIM-unlocked before leaving the US (Call Verizon for this) so that the local European SIM will work.

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                  Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                  Hi Jeffkahn,

                  Fantastic question! France and the UK sounds great. I know how important it is to have a working phone while traveling. Good news!
                  You can use the Galaxy S III i535 4G LTE for voice, text and data in France and the UK. Before you travel, sign up for Global Services through http://bit.ly/xB4iTc to add the right global feature for your needs. If you purchase another carrier's Sim Card to use in France/UK  the device would only have access to the features that the International carrier offers. We can only guarantee all features will work properly when using the Verizon Wireless network. Hope this helps! Enjoy your trip.

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                    I just called VZW for the SIM unlock and was told that all Androids and iPhone 5 phones are already unlocked for international carriers.  Make sure you've fully updated Android so that global is enabled.  They also confirmed that the S3 can be used abroad (unlike a poster above wrote).

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                      I just came back from England with my S3.   Dont believe what people are writing.  They clearly dont know what they are talking about.  My S3 absolutely worked in England.  NO sim card required.  You MUST sign up for the global data plan to prevent you from being charged tons of data roaming charges ($30).   You will pay $1 per minute to talk and $.05 per text.  I used facebook to text which only uses data and the global data plan gives you 100MB which is a lot unless you are on the web a ton or over there for more than 2 weeks.  Remember you can use wi-fi and surf for free.  Wi-fi is everywhere now in England.


                      I spoke to Verizon Global services.  If you are going over for an extended period you should absolutely speak with them.