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    Jet Pack misinformation


      After doing some research, and asking a LOT of questions about the Verizon jet pack, including telling them exactly what we planned to do with it (Stream video from Netflix, Hulu Plus), we decided to try it out as our internet bill here is getting out of hand. I was told that 5G of data would be plenty for what we wanted to use it for. We hooked it up...very slick and easy to use, and used it ONE NIGHT. The next day I had an alert that we had used HALF of our data!!!!!! I called immediately and the representative told me that I had been MISINFORMED  about it being the right internet connection to use for what we were going to use it for!! I canceled right then. Then I got my bill....there was $100 in extra fees!!!!! Overage charges, set up fee, re-stocking fee....I was FURIOUS!! When I called and complained, the representative was able to get the set up fee and overage charge taken off...a whopping $41 of the $100!!!!!! I shouldn't have had to pay a THING since it was VERIZON'S MISINFORMATION that I even ordered it in the FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!! We have been with Verizon for SEVEN years.....I have never felt so betrayed in the years we have been with them. They have always been good to work with. For the first time since we went with Verizon I am thinking of going with a different company!!!!!

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          You admit to using the data, get 40% credit on what you owe for service isn't good enough..got it



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            If you did research you would have known that 5 GB is NOT good enough to stream Netflix or Hulu. And of course a salesperson is going to tell you yes their service will work for what you want. They don't want you get service elsewhere. Or the salesperson was just stupid which is a real possibility.


            Netflix tells you on their own site that HD streams use up to 2.8 GB an hour. Seriously how many movies did you think you could watch with only 5 GB regardless of what person told you? Sorry but mobile internet is not for streaming movies or music for that matter. It's for BASIC web browsing. 1 hour of Netflix a day could use 70 GB per month or more. You need REAL internet if you want to do that.




            • Good quality (uses up to 0.3 GB per hour)
            • Better quality (uses up to 0.7 GB per hour)
            • Best quality (uses up to 1 GB per hour, up to 2.8 GB per hour if watching HD, or up to 4.7 GB per hour if watching 3D)




            Hulu Plus System Requirements


            In addition, you will need a broadband internet connection.

            • For Standard Definition videos we recommend a downstream bandwidth of at least 1.5 Mbps for a smooth playback experience.
            • For High Definition videos we recommend a downstream bandwidth of at least 3 Mbps for a smooth playback experience.


            3 Mbps by the way= 1.3 GB per hour

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              And I paid for what I used. But that was money that could have gone toward other bills.  I'm not made of money. That's why I was trying to find a way to save money on internet. In our area there is not much competition, so the the prices are high.

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                I would have....if I had KNOWN about this site! And I DID do research. I went to Netflix and Huluplus and chatted online and then again with a Verizon rep before making the decision. I'm sure most of you are 20 somethings. I happen to be in the 40 somethings stage and I don't like getting ripped off but someone who just likes to make a sale, which in this case is most likely what happened. I have cable internet, but it is pricey. I wanted to go cable free, but in order to get the better price on the internet, I have to pay for cable. It's a racket all the way around.

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                  Actually I'm 44. And if you went to Netflix and Hulu websites you would have come up with the information I just posted. Now please explain to me how you supposedly did the research where it CLEARLY says that Netflix uses up to 2.8 GB per HOUR and yet you thought that 5 GB a MONTH sounded like it was going to be enough? That doesn't pass the smell test.


                  No one with access to cable internet or DSL shouldn't be using mobile data as their main internet source. 5 GB on a mi-fi is over $50 a month is it not? How is that cheaper than cable internet?


                  And sorry ANY place with salespeople are only interested in getting as much money from you as possible. Doesn't matter if it's Verizon or Best Buy or a car dealership or wherever. Go buy a TV at Best Buy. They'll try to sell you a HDMI cable by Monster that goes for close to $100 when a generic one you can get online for $5 works just as well. Now some of the salespeople will know a $100 HDMI cable is a rip off and some will not and just believe whatever they were told in training.