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    iPhone 4 deleted all my Contacts!


      This just happened to me as well. If your customer's are experiencing this issue, it is obviously a known issue. Backing up your contact list is pretty useless if your contacts have already been erased.


      I tried to access my messages and then all of a sudden my phone started moving slow and then my contacts were all gone. I did nothing different than I usually do.


      This seems to be a defect and needs to be fixed. Please address this defect so I know if I should continue to use my iPhone or look into a different phone/cell provider. Randomly erasing my data and then saying "this isn't a known issue" is pretty upsetting to hear.

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          I am having the same issue with my iPhone 4. This has happened to me twice now. The first time I went onto the website and somehow all my contacts were in the trash bin portion of the my backup assistant. This time my contacts are where they should be on the my backup assistant but my iphone shows no contacts. Its frustrating b/c I use my phone for work and personal. Need help on getting my backup assistant contacts back to my iphone from the website.

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            I think I figured out the issue. I had to turn my icloud on the phone. When I did this all my contacts came back on my iphone 4. Try this to see if it works.

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              My iphone5 just deleted all my contacts.  Two days ago I noticed an address that I had for years was missing.  This morning I told siri to call my wife like I had done a hundred times before, but siri said there wasn't any contact with that name.  When I looked up the number, I had my wife's phone number but no name associated with the contact.  As I was watching the screen trying to understand, her numbers disappeared.  I touched the Contacts icon and momentarily got a screen with my Contacts that immediately went away.  Now there are no Contacts in the phone!? Other than the fact that all the Contacts are missing, there doesn't appear to be any other issues with the phone.

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                Try to do via iCloud:

                settings>iCloud>check to see if your signed in or have contacts on, if you do then turn off contacts, keep on phone, turn back on, merge and your contacts should show up again.

                If you want to know more info, try to refer the below tutorial, it's very helpful and easily to follow.

                How to Restore Deleted Contacts on iPhone

                Hopefully this works for all of you like it just worked for me!

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                  Sorry to hear about your loss - though there might be a solution to this problem. Have you considered using specialist recovery tools?


                  There are products online which can go through your system to find & restore any files that you may have deleted.


                  The program I used can be downloaded from here: Click Me!  search smiley


                  It recovers from the phone's SD card, so not only contacts, but also pics & video.


                  I'm not entirely sure whether its compatible with your iOS and all that confused smiley, so download a trial version first! smileys with beer

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                    There isn't a SD card in the iPhone. It's all internal memory.


                    Also the OP hasn't been back since they posted their question three months ago, so one would hope they have figured out a solution.

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                      Verizon is actually pretty ignorant when it comes to the iphone.. I inquired about replacing a cracked dock connector, and they told me I would have to get a refurbished phone as it could not be repaired.. Apple wanted $199 for the repair.. I ordered the part with a tool kit for $5 including shipping and fixed the phone in 20 minutes..

                      Regarding the issue of lost contact information, this is not uncommon. It happens often if you try to restore from an iTunes backup after upgrading your iOs.. Your old backup may not be compatible with your iPhones new firmware.. There is a very easy way around this without having to shell out $40 to $100 for a program to scan your phone..

                      All contact information from your iphone is stored in you itunes backup..

                      you can use freeware to extract the backup , browse it for the contact information and convert it into a document which you can then open and manually copy your contacts from.. I have outlined an easy method of doing this .. It can be found at the following url:  http://www.mindbites.com/lesson/24934-how-to-retrieve-contacts-from-iphone-backup

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                        The issue is well documented here: iPhone contacts disappear

                        I had a similar issue. Then discovered that my iPhone contacts are in fact all loaded up in my iCloud account.


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