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    Early Termination Fee?



      I have a line that is no longer in use. The person I had given the line to is no longer using it. How much would the early termination fee be? I got the phone late last year around October (2012) Its an Iphone. Or would it be better or even possible to down grade it to the lowest phone plan possible and suspend the phone and still have it billed? Looking for most cost effective way to get rid of this phone.

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          What plan do you currently have? Old Nationwide plan or new Share Everything plan.


          As long as you purchased a discounted phone in exchange for signing a contract on this line of service, your ETF would be $350 less $10 for each month of your contract you have completed, so right now it would be $310.


          If you are on an old Nationwide Family plan and re-activate a basic phone on that line, you would only have to pay $10/month (+tax/fees) to keep that line active until the contract is complete. Definitely cheaper than paying the ETF. If you don't have an old basic phone you can re-activate, you would have a $40/month(+taxes/fees) to keep it active until the contract is complete. Definitely cheaper to pay the ETF.


          If you are on the new Share Everything plan and re-activate a basic phone on that line, you would have a $30/month(+taxes/fees) to keep the line active. Again, the ETF would be cheaper.

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            I have the Old Nationwide plan. So it would be around about $350 (give or take a few dollars) or for basic phone $10(ish) a month till contact end or 30(ish) a month till contract end for smart phone?  That line is eligible for Upgrade May 2014 so plan ends in Aug 2014 so thats 18 months from March? Hum so question is pay now and get it over with or have it there till its over over is the question.

            Thanks for the help!

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              If you got the phone in Oct 2012 your contract end date is Oct 2014 not August. You say you're eligible for an upgrade in May 2014 that indicates your contract end in Sept 2014. So you you really need to figure out when your contract actually ends. So your ETF is going to be $290 or $300 if you cancel in March. Switching it to a basic phone won't reduce the ETF the ETF is based on what the phone was when it was upgraded. Now what switching it to basic phone will do is make it where you don't have to have a data plan. So you can just pay the $10 a month line fee plus taxes/fees etc. Since you have around 19 or 20 months left on the contract that might put it near $300 if you kept the line.


              You could just get rid of the line sell the phone and use the money from the phone to pay the ETF. At least some of it.

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                I am guessing that i got it in October I can't remember exactly when i got it so it could have been between August - October 2012. I know that switching to a basic line will not reduce the ETF, I only stated that in case i wanted to keep the line and pay till end of terms. And isn't the upgrade three months from end of contract? But i will most likely cancel line. I just couldnt remember the terms.

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                  You are eligible for an upgrade after completing 20 months of your contract.  You can dial #UPG from that line and receive the upgrade date; add four months to that and you've got your contract end date.

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                    If I had the phone that would be simple. But i got it roughly 300 that is all i needed to know.

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                      Brian68 seems to have the best advice. Terminate the contract and sell the phone on eBay. You'll get $350+ for an iPhone 5 in good condition.


                      If you wait until an iPhone 5S is out then your resale price goes way down.

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                        well again if i had the phone it wouldn't be an issue but i do not have the phone. (long story)

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                          and its a 4 i think **** idk i didnt buy it

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