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    iPhone 5 not ringing, not showing missed calls


      Has anyone found a fix for the above issue? Phone definitely not silenced or on mute, no misaligned ringtones. Incoming calls sometimes go straight to voicemail and if the caller does not leave a message, I have no indication that I even missed a call. No rhyme nor reason to when or where it happens, and I suspect it's happening far more frequently than I know.  I never had this issue with the iPhone 4, so it could be an LTE issue, but I'm not sure how to determine whether I have a hardware problem versus a wireless signal problem.  Any advice on whether to visit Verizon versus the Apple Store? If I'm losing LTE coverage (I'm often on 1 or 2 bars), shouldn't 3G kick in? Arghhhhh this is a big and annoying problem!!!