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    Can't get Ringback tones to work


      I have gone through the setup several times but my ringback tones do not play when I get calls.

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          Do you mean ringBACK tones or simple Ringtones?  Ring BACK tones are what your callers hear when they call you - you would never hear the ring back tone unless you called your own phone from a different phone.


          If you mean ringtones, you need to set the ringtone as your default, or for a specific caller so it will play on your phone when you get a call.

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            Yes ringback tones. I called from another phone to check and it just rings regularly

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              Are you logging on to MyVerizon with your phone number?  If this is a family shared account, each number needs to have it's own log in, and the ringtones and ringbacks are linked to the number that was logged in at the time of purchase, and are managed from that same number.


              Perhaps it was purchased using the primary account, and is linked to that number?  A call to CS can get it straightened out.

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                yes logged in with my number

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                  Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                  Hey there infidel83. I am excited that you are utilizing the Ringback Tone feature. They are super fun and are great to listen to over the traditional ringer we hear when we call. Let's take a look and see whats going on so we can get this up and running for you.

                  Did you download the Ringback tone via the phone application? Or the the Verizon Wireless website?

                  SuzyQ is correct, the Ringback tone is tied directly to the number that you logged in with to download it. If you did it with your information, then I want you to visit http://vz.to/AyxJKJ and highlight manage and select My Ringback tones. Log in with your log in information.

                  When you log in do you see the Ringback Tones you downloaded? Do you have the different days of the week set up? If they show default, than the defaul ringback tone is going to play everyday of the week. What's showing up as the default ringback tone? One of the ones you chose or the one that was included?

                  If nothing is showing at all, then we'll have to go ahead and redownload the ringback tone.

                  If your still having the issues with the ringback tone infidel83, please provide additional details so we can continue to assist. We want people to be dancing when you call you.

                  VZW Support
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                    My ringback tone won't. Work