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    Disappointed with home fusion


      So far I am very disappointed with the HomeFusion service. Within the first two weeks we had reached our data limit even with the computers and other devices being turned off. After calling Verizon we were informed that we had to turn the HomeFusion off when not in use to prevent excess data usage (Something that we weren't originally told). We had been under the impression that this would be like a regular wireless router and could be left on continuously when we signed up for it. Unfortunately this is the only form of "high speed" internet that is available to the area I live in. The HomeFusion has been very UNreliable thus far. We have to shut it off continuously and it randomly stops working while using it. I was hoping this would be an upgrade from the MiFi, but so far I don't see any difference. Considering the amount of money we are required to pay for this service, it should  be a lot more reliable!! We had to increase our data plan and even then we have to keep the HomeFusion off the majority of the time because it seems to suck up so much of the data. It seems we have used twice the amount of data for wireless internet since switching from the MiFi to the HomeFusion.

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          The disconnecting multiple times daily has been reported by many threads on the "Broadband & Netbook Community".

          Verizon's customer support seems to be aware of the disconnecting issue, at least at the start of the new year.

          They claimed a fix would arrive in a matter of weeks, not days or months. I'm still waiting....


          There's absolutely no reason to "turn off" Home Fusion, other than to reboot the bloody thing when it locks up due to its poor firmware. Make sure your WIFI network is secure and using the default WPA2 security, so that your neighbours can't use it!

          Check your computers with a virus scanner and monitor the bandwidth/data used on each device.

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            After doing all the things you suggested, I compared the monitored data used on each device only to find that verison

            charged me twice the data I actually used. 

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              I completely agree with everything you're saying. With Home Fusion, our two laptops and one wireless printer are using up data at probably three times the speed of the MiFi device,maybe more. I was simply dumbfounded when I first looked at the data report and saw 5 GB gobbled up in the first 10 hours after installation on Monday Feb. 25. Our online habits have not changed one bit - just email, reading newspapers, browsing webpages and shopping - no gaming, no Netflix, no streaming, no meaty downloads, etc. In just four days I've eaten up nearly 13 GB - how is this possible when we previously used 15-17 in a whole month? I had been led to believe that I could just leave the router on all the time, but then I saw data usages of .89 GB and .63 GB in the wee morning hours of two nights when everyone was asleep! So I've taken to turning it off overnight and when we're not using it, but there still seem to be phantom usages that appear in the report. And the data usage when the router is on is piling up at an alarming and inexplicable rate. We simply can't account for the high data usage based on what we do. On the plus side, Home Fusion has been fast and connections have been reliable, but my hopes that the faster 4G service would lower my usage and save me money have been dashed. And what's really weird is usage appearing in the report when the router is turned off, or when no one's been home! I don't have close neighbors so I don't see how anyone could be stealing my WIFI. I'll be contacting Verizon Customer Service, but unless these high usage issues can be resolved I'll be returning the router within the 14-day period. Looks like I'll be going back to the MiFi.

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                I feel your pain.  We had previously had an Alltel usb modem with unlimited usage.  When they were "retired' we decided to go with the Home Fusion for the same price but with 10 mg limit.  Our average usage with the Alltel over 5 years was 5 mg / month, so we figured the 10 mg would be fine.  Surprise!  We went over the first month, carefully watching our usage, even with powering off our devices when not in use--no streaming, no downloading pics or music.  This month we have used up 1/2 our mg in the first 10 days of the cycle.  Something is wrong with this!

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                  When computers are connected to high speed internet, they will automatically update. Plus, printers, ect.......



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                    No you do not have to turn off the Home Fusion Service, If you are consistently being disconnected for the service, there is a problem with the the connection form your cantenna to the tower.


                    Go to and enter admin and your router password to your router. You can see the signal strength from your cantenna to the tower.


                    If this is not reachable, or not accessible, there is a problem.


                    Call Verizon and have the cantenna relocated to a position where it can receive a better signal.



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                      When you see unexplained usage, I would make sure that all of your computers are virus free and safely behind a firewall. Distributed denial of service attacks are conducted from bots running on unsuspecting user's computers. Spam relays are also set up this way if proxy servers are left open. You may not be using your bandwidth, but someone else may.

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                        I am a technician for HF.  Today i encountered a situation that I have seen multiple complaints about.  The c/x states freq. dropped connection.  Investigation showed me that the cantenna was "Green." There were a couple of brief blinks of a red light..  My STT showed a 93% signal at the present location.  I proceeded with another cantenna and did some testing.  The new cantenna with the battery indicated the same problem.  I then tested in multiple locations on the home..No change.  The cx is very upset at this time and I am out of answers..hense my post.  Can I get some additional info so that in the future I may be able to provide a better resolution.

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                              Nothing you can do HF is a bad product atm.

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