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    check text message status


      I have multiple lines and it says there are 0 messages.


      Do I have to select the line I want to check somehow?

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hey there tommykiz. It sounds like you are trying to view your text messaging usage and I would be more than happy to assist.

          Are you just trying to view each lines texting usage for the current billing cycle? If so please follow the steps below:

          1. Sign into My Verizon as the account owner
          2. Click on "View Usage" under "Account Management"
          3. Select the number whose messages you want to view
          4. Click on the blue link that says "View Messaging Details"

          You will than see the texting usage for that line for the current billing cycle. It will show the time and date the message was sent or recieved and the number that was texted or texted you.

          If you are trying to view something else, please let me know and I will continue to assist.

          VZW Support
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            I have had a very similar problem as the previous user. My text message usage is not being reported accurately at all...it is dramatically lower and inconsistent. I thought maybe they weren't being reported if something was M2M and wouldn't affect my bill but it is not my bill I am concerned about anyway. My phone is for work and I need to be able to show all forms and frequency of communication with clients, including dates and times that we have texted. I am literally sending and receiving dozens of texts that aren't showing up in my View Messaging Details listing, nor even on the final bill. In addition, it seems as if the texts also go unreported if they are deleted. As recently as two or three months ago, I used to be able to see texts sent/received on my View Messaging Details within minutes of the communication. Why did this change?


            I realize Verizon has had a lot of customers complain that their text message use is hurting their data use, especially if they have an iPhone 5 (which I do too), and so perhaps this is a glitch on Verizon's part in an attempt to fix that other situation. But having a lack of usage reporting is actually very harmful in my case.


            Please fix this asap!

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              If you are using the iPhone, then text messaging may very well be going through the iMessage APP - which means it's using DATA, not text messages.  I don't have an iPhone myself, but all of my kids (4 of them) have iPhones - messaging iPhone to iPhone uses the iMessage app (by default?  can you disable it?)  So if other clients also have iPhones, it would explain why those messages are not showing up.


              Also, if you are using any kid of texting APP for any messages (verizon to other carriers)  rather than straight text messaging, it's likely using DATA, and not showing in your texting usage.

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                Hmm. What you're saying makes sense and when I look at the "Data" tab of my usage, there are certainly many more incremental timestamps than I noticed before. You may be correct. However, it certainly doesn't solve my problem...


                The "Data" tab tells you how much you've used and not the details, ie the To/From/Direction info I need. My fiance has AT&T and he also uses the messaging app but he can still see all of his text messages.


                What is Verizon's plan to fix this reporting problem? I understand if text messaging is treated like data, but why does AT&T provide all the To/From/Direction still but Verizon has stopped? I need this for my work! I will switch to AT&T if I have to, but I'd prefer not to do so since my fiance gets far less better service than I do. HELP!

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                  P.S. -- I just cross-checked my data timestamps versus my text messages (which are often very conversational and there aren't long delays in response time). They don't match up. So there's still something weird here.