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    The voice input microphone is missing from my keyboard.  How do I find it?


      I seem to missing the voice microphone from my input keyboard.  I'm using the standard keyboard that comes with the phone.  I have tried, and removed, a few third party keyboards but reverted back to the standard keyboard.  The microphone icon that is supposed to be in the lower left next to the "?123" button is not there.  Instead, I have the comma symbol.  If I press and hold that down (because it does have the ... under it), I get the input options for the keyboard.


      I have already double checked the Android Keyboard Settings for Voice Input Key.  It's currently set for "On Main Keyboard".  I've tried changing it to "On Symbols Keyboard" and that doesn't work either.


      I have also put the phone into safe mode, disabling all 3rd party apps to see if something was causing this.  Still no microphone.


      Suggestions?  I've hunted thru every article I can find on the web, but nothing describes what I see on my keyboard.  The current specs on the phone are as follows:


      System Version: 98.12.4.XT907.Verizon.en.US

      Model Number: DROID RAZR M

      Android Version: 4.1.1

      Baseband Version: SM_BP_1139.000.32.62P

      Kernel Version: 3.0.31-g2a89152

      hudson@buildlinux16 #1

      SMP PREEMPT Sun Oct 21 16:24:40 PDT 2012

      Build Number: 9.8.1Q_27-2

      Build Date: Sun Oct 21 16:08:45 PDT 2012

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          I am having the exact same issue with my phone! Not much on the net for solutions yet..

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            Hi ASkurnick!

            Oh goodness, I'm so sorry to hear about the missing voice microphone icon from your keyboard. Good thing this VZW detective is on the case and ready to crack it. With that said, let's take a look.

            First off, kudos on everything you've done thus far. Your troubleshooting tactics have been extremely in depth and perfect for the situation. The other thing I would try here is clearing out information about the messaging application. Simply go to settings > application manager > all > messaging > clear data and force stop. Then power cycle your phone and retest. Please keep us updated how this works as we may need to go further. Regardless, we'll get you set back up.

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              I went thru the exact steps you listed above, including shutting the phone down for a minute and starting it up again.  No luck.  Still no microphone.  I used to do tech support for a living, can you tell?   Next step to try?



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                I had the same problem, missing microphone while trying to voice type a text message.

                I found out that I needed to enable/ update the app "Google Search."

                Go the the Play Store and search for "Google Search" and enable/ update it.

                Then, go to your language and input settings to make sure "Google Voice Typing" is checked and the settings are how you would like.


                Hopefully that will work for you too.

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                  Another option to maybe try is in line with what the vzw rep said.  Go to settings, app manager, select all at the top.  See if you have anything that says keyboard, android keyboard or voice search/commands and try clearing the data/force stop.  Hopefully that will work before resetting the phone.

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                    Son of a .........  That did it!  I do remember disabling that bar back when I got my phone because it took up real estate and I didn't see a need for it!  Who in the world knew that it was tied to the microphone!!!


                    Wow... thank you!  Microphone is back and I don't think I'll forget how to fix this problem....!



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                      BINGO Kbark!!!  Your suggestion was the only one what worked for me...the others did not...THANKS