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    How do I unlock my iPhone 4?


      Does anyone know how I can unlock my phone.  I wrote to Verizon 2 weeks ago, but they haven't responded.

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          Are you asking about wanting to get it unlocked to use in other countries?  The iPhone 4 on Verizon can never be unlocked since it doesn't have a GSM radio in it.  It doesn't have a SIM card slot either.  Also even if the phone was physically capable of being unlocked you need to be a current customer of Verizon Wireless and the phone need to be on an active line along with other qualifications to be eligible for requesting an SIM unlock.

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            Thanks, Ann.  I don't understand much about 'unlocking' phones.  I am an existing Verizon customer, but am going to sell my iPhone 4 and wanted to make sure I didn't have to unlock it first.  Your answer was very helpful.