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    My Samsung Brightside wont turn on


      Earlier today, i was using my samsung brightside to text, and i noticed that the power/end button would only work if the screen was slid out. And then the back button started to not work as well. And now, about 10 minutes ago, when i unplugged my phone from the charger and opened it up, all there was was a white screen. I continue to try and turn it on using the power/end button, but it seems to not be working at all. Please help.

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          Plug your phone into the charger and let it sit for a couple minutes.  While the charger is plugged in, take out the battery but leave the charger in.  Let it sit like that for a couple minutes....you may also get an icon on the screen that basically tells you there is no battery.  After a couple minutes put the battery back and try to power back up...see if that helps.  This worked on one of my phones awhile ago.  So hopefully this may help....if not it may be a software issue.

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            Hey war_machine1944!

            How bizarre. Even with that said, no worries at all because we can fix just about anything around here. So, let's jump right in and get this resolved. As described by one of our fellow posters here, a battery pull will in fact be the most positively impacting way to get your phone back on track. Before plugging into a charger, go ahead and pull the battery. If the phone begins acting up again, please do try charging the phone and pulling the battery (please leave out for 60 seconds or so). Please keep us updated to with how this works in case we need to get you some more advanced troubleshooting.

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              I'm having the same problem.  The Power button was acting up.  Phone is now shut off and apparently cannot be powered back up.  I tried the battery-pull...  without the charger AND while plugged into the charger as described.  nothing seems to work.  I am prepared to replace the phone that is less than 2 years old but I want to start it up to retrieve the contact and photo data from the phone. 

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                Verizon Wireless Customer Support


                I can only imagine how frustrating this must be for you! Having a working phone is a must! I use my phone all the time and I would be just as upset as you if this were happening to me. But don't worry because I'm sure we can get this resolved.

                I appreciate you taking the initial trouble shooting steps! Usually pulling the battery for a few minutes will help when the phone doesn't power on.

                Are you still unable to power your phone on since you posted this message? If so, please follow me and send me a private message with your name, mobile number and a contact number where you can be reached so I can access your account and further assist.

                I understand you want to back up your contacts and photos so you can transfer them to the replacement phone. If you have Backup Assistant http://vz.to/MfvUz2 already installed it will automatically back up your contacts. In regards to the photos, do you know if you had them backed up on your SD card?

                If you did not have Backup Assistant set up on the phone and you are unable to power on the phone you may need to take the phone and the replacement phone into a VZW store to see if the contacts can be transferred for you.

                I look forward to hearing from you so we can get this all taken care of.


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                        My daughter is having the same issue with her phone as the original post on this discussion, my wife and I who have the Brightside also are both having different issues as well. My phone does not receive picture messages and hers sometimes receives calls but mostly they just go straight to voicemail without even ringing. My daughter's phone turned off this morning and will not turn back on even with the battery-pull method. When we took it to the store they said the warranty had already expired and we would need to buy a new phone.

                       We would have extended the warranty if we suspected that one of us would mistreat our phones, what we didn't realize was that these phones are faulty!! This thread and many other complaints (https://community.verizonwireless.com/thread/773147)   make it obvious that these phones have been defective for awhile, and yet verizon continues to sell them! Very disappointed with Verizon, we've been loyal customers and did not expect this.

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                    I have a new Brightside and I can't get anything except the welcome screen that says "verizonwireless".  No functionality. I've tried pulling the battery in and out and various other tips listed in some of these messages. I can't get the phone to work.

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                      Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                      Let's fix this mark_at_home! Have you tried powering on the device while plugged into the charger? If unsuccessful, please accept my follow request, follow me and send me a direct message with your mobile number. Thank you.

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                        I’ve ordered a new battery, so I’ll let you know if that doesn’t solve the problem.

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                          I got a new battery, and it did not fix the problem. Appreciate any advice you can offer.

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