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    Bluetooth won't turn on, iPhone 5



      I am not able to turn on the Bluetooth toggle switch in Settings on my new iPhone 5. Every time I tap the toggle switch, it will turn on for a fraction of a second then immediate revert to "off". There are no Bluetooth devices listed on this screen, I presume because Bluetooth is set to "off". I am trying to pair it with my car for hands-free use. Any ideas?

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          Hello jayfough,

          Oh My! I'm very sorry to hear that you are having issues with your Bluetooth connection. As a user of this feature, I understand how important it is to have this type of connectivity. Let's get your device functioning properly. Below, I have listed the necessary steps to enable Bluetooth.

          Power ON
          Search for Device

          If you are still having issues, I have located a helpful support page from Apple with issues with car connectivity. Please visit http://bit.ly/XQVdMS

          Please keep us posted if you are still having issues, thanks!

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