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    Texting charges?




      I have the 450 min/month plan with $5 for 250 mesages.


      I just looked over my bill for aug-sept, and it charged me 27 extra dollars on the data part of the bill. I looked at data details and it charged me for texts @ 0.1 per text. I thought under my plan, I was given 250 free messages to any phone number. Am I correct in thinking this, or does it vary if the sender/receiver has a different service. Could these charges be from doing it at certain times, because I looked at one number and there were times when I was charged for texting them and times when I wasn't.


      Thank you for your help.

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          If you were charged $0.10/msg for text, then you were charged for going over your 250 message allowance. The 250 messages are to/from any carrier including VZW. If you did not have the $5.00/250 package then you would have been charged $0.20/text message and $0.25/picture message.

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            You are charged for text messages sent AND received, so if your total messaging (sent and received) is over 250, you are charged $.10 per message.  It looks like you were 270 messages over the 250 limit, so although you may have only SENT 250 messages, if you RECEIVED 270, they count towards your allowance as well.  Better to pay $5 more a month and get 500 out of network ans unlimited Verizon messaging.....

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              I have one question also, i just got the $5/250 text plan and i just figured out today that i went over by only 17 text messages sent and received, does that mean i'll only be charged the .10 cents per text over the plan fee?

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                Yes, so $1.70.  If you go more than 50 messages over, then it's time to consider increasing your allowance to the $10 plan.