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    iPhone 5 not connecting to WiFi and battery draining


      As of yesterday, for some strange unknown reason, it won't connect to the WiFi at my house, which it automatically logs into.  Also, it seems the battery is draining at a higher rate than previous.  I've tried Forgetting the WiFi, I've tried Resetting Network Settings and now I just have the WiFi off.  In LTE it works fine, but I'm trying to conserve my data plan.  Any suggestions.  I've had the iPhone for around 10-12 weeks.  Thanks.

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          I too am having the exact same issue! Very frustrated and have tried various things to get it to work...really not liking my I-Phone 5!

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            I'm having the same problem!! Not only is my iphone 5 not connecting to my Wifi, but it is draining my data for the month!! Very very frustrating!! I was wondering why I've been using so much data and now I know it is because the phone is not connecting to Wifi. I hope they find a solution for this problem!! I have never been unsatisfied with Verizon until I got an iphone.

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              Iphone Batter Drain and WiFi Non Connection


              I am having the exact same problem. Verizon must know this by now. PLEASE HELP US.

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                First I will try to help.

                Iphone battery : Do you know about apps run all the time.

                you need close them ones or ones two days.


                Now to turn off Old apps:

                the screen you see only apps

                first use the home button ( big button) at botton of the Iphone and push two time

                Now at botton screen you see only one row of apps.

                If you get (Siri) push button ones to turn off Siri, hope see apps do it again push button two time

                now touch one of the apps a hold down intill you see the apps shaking and a red dot with show up

                now touch the red dote and will close the apps

                you did not delete the apps only close it

                the apps are run in the back ground and use CPU time and some air date time.

                Do this My battery last all day.

                But I do not may a lot call or do a lot textsing.



                Now How far are you from your home wifi?

                With the wireing and pipes block the the radio wave and two floors will block Wifi.

                by the right of Verison at top of your phone screen there will 4 bars or will say LTE

                The bar tell you how good is your wifi at that room.

                My lap top did the same thing but antenna was better I can hook up to wifi.

                Iphone have Small antenna for wifi need be close to the unit.


                2: you may have a lot Home wifi in your area that your Iphone pick up and you need go setting and reset your Wifi setting, with my wifi extender some I need to do this when I have both wifi working.


                P.s this is most on apple IOS softwear and Iphone not Verizon.

                this is my first smart phone and talk too a lot people that have Iphone and tell tips about the cell phone.

                did you update your Softwear ?

                to 6.1 10b143 or 6.2

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                  Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                  Connecting to Wi-Fi is important as that is how I manage to stay within my data allowance.  There was a iOS 6.1 update was recently released to the iPhone. Please update to the latest software and let me know if the Wi-Fi improves.


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                    I have an iPhone 4, and an iPod touch 4gen. I updated to the latest OS this week and both devices have severe battery drain due to WIFI. To prove this, before I went to bed on Wednesday Jan 30, 2013 I charged both devices to 100% & closed all running apps in the back round also shutoff Bluetooth. Left WIFI on, woke up  the next day Thursday Jan 31, 2013 battery was below 50% on both devices. Last night I did the same test only this time I  shutoff the wifi also and left the 3G on, on my iPhone 4. The iPod touch was on with the wifi turned off. Woke up this morning Friday Feb 1, 2013 my iPhone was at 98% & my iPod touch was still reading full charge. So now my next question is what do I do? I never had this problem before. Ive tried a couple of things reading on the Internet but nothing seems to work. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

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                      I am having the same problem.....my husbands phone is fine...we didn't update the software on his, but I did on mine and wifi will not connect in my home....it was fine before that.  I have had this phone 3 weeks no problem until update....I am so mad...Now I have to take time out of my schedule to travel to an apple store....I don't want this phone like this...they will give me a new phone!

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                        My phone is doing the same thing. My husband and I both got the Iphone 5 two weeks ago, his is fine. I noticed last week I wasn't automatically connecting to my home wifi like I had originally been. It recognizes it but if I try to manually connect to it, it says connection failed. Now, 2 days ago, my bluetooth became disconnected and I am unable to pair the phone to my car anymore. It's not working when I try to pair to my husband's car either. Again, the bluetooth I want to pair to is listed in bluetooth settings but when I try to manually pair, it says unable to pair. Third problem- ALL DAY yesterday and still presently, I have been on 3G and not LTE. What do I do? (This is my first smartphone and I'm not sure if I have to bring it back or if there's something I can do on my own, but I'm not happy considering the $ I just laid out)

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                          I am having the same issue with my new iPhone 5. I have completed the latest update and am still having issues. Please advise ASAP.

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