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    Novatel MiFi 4620l Issues With Connection


      I am having major issues with this device ever since the 3.20.11 update. I will be using the device and it will randomly lose connection from the internet requiring a power cycle to get it going again. I have spent countless hours on the phone with both Verizon's tech support as well as Novatel. I have tried EVERYTHING to get this thing to work and nothing seems to work.


      What I've tried:

      Running the device in USB mode.
      Switching to LTE only.
      Switching to EVDO only.
      Switching to CDMA auto.
      Going back to Global mode.
      Running the device while plugged in.
      Running the device while on the battery.
      Switching between WPA and WPA2 encription, as well as just leaving the device open.(the device stays connected to wifi, just not the mobile network)
      Automatic shutdown is set to Never.





      My device worked awesome until the end of November, and then it started to show these issues. I was able to get Verizon to send me a replacement under warranty. The device worked awesome! That is until the software update was pushed through to it,now the replacement device is acting up just like the original! This makes me believe it is the software version that did it in.

      I did some research, and it turns out that the software that these devices are currently running came out around the time my first device started to act up, coincidence? No way.


      What are the chance's Verizon and/or Novatel can expedite an update out to fix these things before we all switch? Either that or let me rollback my software version!

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          John Getzke



          I'm starting to think I missed something.  Another user posted about firmware updates that were promissed a few weeks ago to resolve a VPN problem but I cannot find any evidence of a new release on VZW's site.


          Like nearly every other device with firmware updates, once you update there is no going back.  I tried checking the User Guide but I do not see any options to disable automatic updates.


          What you are describing definitly sounds like a firmware bug.  Something in the most recent release must be getting twisted up when communicating with your local towers.  The only way to really get VZW's attention is to keep calling in and requesting new devices.  The symptoms you describe would normally warrant a replacement from 1st or 2nd level support.  I say make VZW send you as many as it takes.  Outside of that we do not normally see firmware updates very frequently, it might be another few months before VZW considers releasing anything else.

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            I want you to have the best wireless experience possible, secrethint12!

            You've done a great deal of troubleshooting! I really appreciate that. I do recommend performing a hard reset (steps http://bit.ly/14wLHp1) to remove any potential software upgrade glitches. If this does not produce favorable results, we can look into the manufacturer options.

            Keep me posted!

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              I'm having the same issue, I haven't used my device since the update because it won't work anymore. I'm about to take it to the store and they can give me as many as required until one works or they can take it off my bill. It may only be a few dollars a month but if it's not working then i feel cheated. Haven't used the device in 2 months now.

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                well, as of today I now have to agree with you that there is a firmware issue with this device.  This is the only internet connection I have in my home as I was so satisfied with it that I stopped paying for other services into my home.  For the last year I have been totally satisfied with this device.  And now it has just stopped connecting any device in my home to the internet.  I have connected 4 separate devices successfully to it this morning and none of them can connect to internet and none of them will run apps if applicable.   However, all of them can connect to Google and then can run searches successfully but any attempt to connect to a search link fails.   I have called and had a wonderful experience with Verizon Support but at this point I am ready to take it to the store and swap it out.    This is the stangest thing I have ever seen in that it just completely stopped connecting this morning. 

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                  Very definitely a firmware bug that shuts down the 4620LE. I was told by Verizon that the Mifi was operating properly but that there was a IP conflict. Hard to have an IP address conflict with DHCP!! Guess it was their way of "politely" telling me to go to ****.


                  Depowering the 4620LE completely, including removing the battery, and restarting the device will get it going again until the bad code situation is encountered. It acts a lot like a buffer overflow. Novatel has historically not fixed bugs with existing devices but instead sold new models with new code and new bugs, i.e. the Microsoft model.


                  Bottom line is you are on your own. Verizon accepts no responsibility for your having a stable connection. Novatel has no skin in the game as they sell the devices to Verizon that collects the money upfront with a 2-year contract commitment.

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                    I had a Novetel 4620LE which Verizon Tech Support (Doug "very helpful") said was faulty.  He didn't detail what it was doing but it was in response to skyrocketing Data Usage for no reason.  I sensed that the device might have been erroneously doing packet re-transmits even thought the browser got the data fine the first time.  They swapped it out at no charge for a Samsung SCH-LC11 and that fixed the data overage right away.  I happen to get a bad SCH-LC11 the first time and they had to SWAP IT OUT AGAIN X@!$&.....  All in all, I have had to get (4) 4GLte devices to get one that works.  Verizon did give me a credit of $30 for my having to increase my plan last month from 4 Gig to 10 Gig within the space of 2 weeks when the device was bad.

                    I also believe that their data accounting is flawed.  I have a "Share Everything" plan and the data accounting for the MiFi will show a number in Gig slightly larger(+10%) than the total for all 3 devices?  This is mathematically impossible!  One element in a sum of positive numbers can not be greater than the total of 3 elements in that sum!

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                      We may need to ask about the Samsung SCH-LC11 as well. With the 4620LE we are averaging a download speed of 100kbs. A 10 MB file takes on average an hour to download. No worries about exceeding the cap though!  Overall we had better performance day to day with our old 3G modem and Verizon "service".