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    Samsung galaxy s3 wont charge


      I apologize in advance, I am new here so Im sorry if i have posted this where it dosnt belong.

      I have had nothing but problems with this phone! It drops calls, says there is no "sim", screen delay and now my phone wont charge. I have to hold my mini usb conneter halfway out of the phone for it to charge. It seems to somewhat charge when its powered off. Anyone else have all these problems with this particular phone. About to loose my cool with this. I had a samsung infuse, that was the best phone i've ever had, now upgraded to this junk.

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Don't lose your cool with such an awesome phone SJNewton. That is quite the array of strange issues with the S3, but I'm here to help. Let's figure this out one at a time.

          1. Dropped calls: Does this happen on every call or just random calls? Is it happening in a particular city or zip code? Incoming or outgoing? With anyone in particular? Do you get any error message when it drops? Sometimes these types of service troubles can be resolved by simply refreshing the phone's network connection. On the S3, that's accomplished by removing/reinserting the SIM http://bit.ly/V5RXCf

          2. No SIM: In addition to double checking that the SIM is in the phone properly, let's make sure your software has been updated to I535VRBLK3 by trying the steps at http://bit.ly/PfK0aM to update.

          3. Screen Delay: Does it seem to delay when you're accessing a particular application or performing a task? Did it start after an application was installed or an update was completed? These phones are very similar to mini computers and need a little maintenance. The steps I gave in 1 & 2 may help with the delay, but also try http://bit.ly/Qx1Twq & http://bit.ly/Xlb8rw to do a bit of Spring cleaning on your phone and help it function smoother.

          4. Phone Won't Charge: Are you using the original charger that came with your S3? Have you tried any other (car, spare home, etc) chargers? Is there any debris or corrosion in the charging port? Using the original wall charger is definitely most recommended, since 3rd party chargers can cause difficulties with the port and charging through the USB of a computer or a car charger as the main charger is not recommended.

          Thank you

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            Does your phone have the latest update? I have had my SIII for some time but ever since the most recent update my screen blacks out, freezes, won't respond, internet rarely works, and it will not charge. From what I can tell this is happening to a lot of users since the update. It is driving me crazy and causing me to want to look elsewhere.

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              Same problem with my S3 not charging......and other issues.  My phone is about 3 months old.  I never had a problem until the update in January.  Charged my phone OVERNIGHT with OEM charger, it's now charged to 53%....after ALL night.  Shaking my head.  This S3 update was put on hold in November due to glitches......they were obviously not addressed.  I've had Verizon for close to 20 years.  This is fast coming to an end.

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                Whilst my S3-4.3 takes longer (than previously with 4.1.2) to charge fully, I've never experienced it not charging. In cases as yours, the first thing I'd do would be to power down, remove the battery (maybe the sim card as well) for 30 seconds or so, then reinstall the battery (and sim card, if removed) and battery backcover, repower up and reconnect to the battery charger. If that doesn't resolve the battery charging problem, I'd probably do a hard factory reset AFTER BACKING UP ALL FILES ONTO THE EXTERNAL MEMORY SD CARD (IF USED) OR TO A CLOUD DRIVE SUCH AS DRIVE, DROPBOX, OR SUGARSYNC. Finally, if all efforts fail, take your charging unit/s in to a Verizon store to have checked out and replaced, if needed.

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                  I had the same problem. I went out and bought a new stock charger from my Galaxy S3, an aftermarket charge, a second aftermarket charger that was a non detachable usb cord. I used all of them plugged into the wall and not a single one could charge more than 20% of the battery in 8 hours. I thought why not see if my HTC Incredible charger will fit my Samsung phone. Guess what happened next? My phone charges fast like it did when it was brand spanking new. I wonder why Samsung had to fight me on that. Clearly a lot of the problems are from Samsung and Verizon is caught in the middle but they have more pull with Samsung than ANY of us as customers do. My phone still sucks and is a (removed) but at least it charges. Now I get a whopping 6 hours of battery life. Before the update I would get 14-18 hours of use out of my battery. Thanks Samsung Thanks Verizon, Ya'll have been NO help at all.


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                    I had the same problem. I went out and bought several stock and after market chargers. (Discussion of moderation removed) I said they are doing an awful job and they don't like negative criticism. Even though they should take some of the blame. I use an HTC incredible charger now since Samsung refuses to fix anything.


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                        Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                        Hi Kathytoo,

                        20 years of loyalty is fantastic! Let's locate your missing charge. It's important to have a properly working device, and we would never want to see you leave. How long does it take the device to go from 100% to 0% charge? Did this issue start after an software update in November?  If so, it could be the software did not restore properly, and I would recommend a strongly a Hard Reset to the device to repair the charging software http://vz.to/1dHTrqT

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                          Verizon support....please read my post BEFORE responding.  It clearly states I haven't had the phone but for maybe 3 months...it states I received the software update in January......It also states THAT'S when my problems started.  I will NOT do a factory reset.  It will NOT remove the update.  FIX the glitches ...period.  It's not a coincidence a BRAND NEW phone functions properly for the 1st 2 months....and them has REPEATED ISUUES immediately after an upgrade/update.  Look up my account.  This lack of accountability on Verizon/Samsung for the issues is NOT acceptable.  Period.  Do a google search on the issues.  Really,

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