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    Talk to text on iphone 5


      Can you talk to text on Iphone 5?

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          You can either push a microphone button on the keyboard to dictate your voice or you can also use Siri to create and send texts for you.

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            Kaber, that's the latest and greatest Apple device! Of Course, the iPhone 5 has the talk to text feature. To enable this feature, you just need to access the home screen:

            > tap Messages
            > tap option to compose Message
            > Tap your contact
            > Tap the field to enter the body of your message
            > On your keyboard, you will see an icon that resembles a microphone right next to the space bar. When you tap that microphone icon, the voice option will enable on.

            I trust that these steps will work for you. ^LH