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    Droid 3 Won't turn on


      The applications on my Droid 3 started malfunctioning.  When I would tap them to select them they'd just flash and go back to the home screen.  I tried to power off and it wouldn't it just froze.  So I took the battery out and put it back in and now it won't even power on..it just shows that "Dual Core" logo.  I tried taking the battery out again and holding the ok button on the keyboard and pushing power to try to get to safe mode and still NOTHING just the "Dual Core" logo.  I'm missing all kinds of calls and text.  Please help.  I've been looking around the online and this seems to be a common theme with these phones.  Is there a recall on these?  Anyway I just need my phone to work.  Please advise.

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          If you can't get it to turn on your might have to do an alternate master reset


          No there is no recall on the phone, the phone is fine..it's the apps

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            Oh, No. We've got to get your device back up and running. It sounds like you have a potential software issue on your phone that may be causing these issues. This is not a known issue for this phone. However, if you have several applications downloaded to your phone, it may be affecting the performance of your phone.

            I recommend that you hard reset your phone. Since your screen is frozen on the "Dual Core" logo, you will need to power your device off by briefly removing the battery and then placing the battery back into your device. While the device is powered off, press/hold the power button and Volume Up/Down button. You will see a reboot screen pop up. I hope this works for you. If not, then I am anticipating your reply to further assist you or you may access our device support website http://bit.ly/y5iuoj ^LH