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    Cancelled account but received a bill.


      So November 16th i cancelled my account due to a military move out of the country. I brought in a copy of my orders and the representative at the location i went to said that everything was good to go and that my account would be cancelled that day.  I then found out she did not cancel it that day but called the Verizon account line and everything was taken care of then.  Now two months later i receive a bill saying that i owe $261.14 after being told that my account was fine and i would actually receive a check for approximately $60 from the month that i had already payed.  Being in japan i am not able to walk in to a verizon store to remedy this problem and really don't feel like calling verizon from here due to the charges from being on the phone with verizon customer support for a hour would be almost the amount that verizon is trying to get from me.  I can not even access my old account on the sight here because of my account being cancelled and have not received a reply from emails that i have sent to Verizon.