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    Verizon Wireless Basic Phones 2013


      Yes, you guessed it, another person complaining about Verizon's "basic" phone offers. Why? Because i'm fed UP! I live in a small town where there is no other cellular providers, which means i am stuck with Verizon... I'm sick of them caring ONLY about their smartphone customers.. I don't need internet on my phone.. I have a computer. But, just because i don't NEED internet, that means i can't have a phone with QUALITY? It's not about features, its about quality.. These basic phones are the worst phones i have ever seen! A 2-year contract with them is so risky because they're so cheaply made! If they break before you're contract is up, you're *******! What happened to the Multimedia phones!? Most of us "Basic" customers are only asking for a sturdy phone, preferably with a full keyboard. Is that REALLY too much to ask of you, Verizon? Lets get real.. We can't ALL afford to pay out 100+ dollars each month in cell phone bills.. Especially not since you are charging an arm and leg for basic service.. I have unlimited text and 450 minutes and after tax and everything else you add, my bill is about 70 dollars.. That is just ridiculous! Bottom line is, Verizon only cares about people who are stupid enough to dish out an unreasonable amount of money.. I assure you will lose me as a customer the minute a new provider comes to my area!